Monday, May 05, 2008

because junk food is WAY too easy to come by

You know what I was thinkin?

What if, when you wanted to go out and get some junk food, you had to think about what you really wanted, look up online to find the nearest place to get it, then you had to drive fifteen miles to the place that sells it, then you had to pay an admission charge to get in, then you had to pay for the food itself, plus an equipment charge to cover the fork and the plate and the cup for your coffee. Then you had to sit through a ten-minute training session on how to use the equipment before you could use it. And for some kinds of junk food what if you needed a buddy to eat with you.

And then, when you were just tooling around town in your car and decided maybe you'd stop and get some exercise, you could just stop by the nearest street corner and pop into a rock gym or a swimming pool or yoga studio, yell to the guy at the counter, "Hey Joe, how're the kids?", plop down a $5 bill and say, "The usual, Joe!" and go work out and have fun!

Wouldn't that be great?!
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