Thursday, May 15, 2008

15 May 08

To: Me
From: Me
Re: the clapping

OK, now, the madness. It has to stop. The way I see it, we have to options:
  1. Stop wearing rings to Zumba class
  2. Stop clapping so damn hard
Yes, I know we love the rings. They are cute and funky. And the clapping is a great way to get up the energy, especially in some of those...less energetic classes.

But the bruises!!

You walk around like that, with nasty bruises all over the palms of your hands, and what are people going to think? Really...I can't even come up with what they might think. That you regularly play "Catch the Darts"? I mean, the first time you noticed the first bruise you thought you were hemorrhaging from some horrible wasting disease!

OK, well...that was kind of funny. Especially when someone else pointed out what it was probably from, and the light dawned. Duh.

So please, for our sake and the sake of anyone who has to look at our hands and wonder what precise form of leprosy we're suffering from, stop the madness.
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