Friday, May 30, 2008

because shopping for a bathing suit sucks

Someone should open a decent bathing suit shop. Because you know you go in there with your suits and you’re all vulnerable, and what do they do? They blast you with fluorescent lights that make you pasty and show every stretch mark. They make you scrutinize yourself in fat-mirrors which, if you’re super lucky, come in pairs or even threes so you get the 360-degree view. It’s cold, so you’re all goose bumpy…and then they expect you to shell out $50+ for the thing squeezing all your fat into fine display?

This is how *I* want to shop for bathing suits:

I walk into a pretty, dimly lit boutique with sexy Latin music playing. Someone hands me a glass of champagne (or even better, a margarita) and some chocolate-covered strawberries so as to lubricate the decision-making process. Attendants size me up and run around, bringing me the suits that suit me best. Then as I try each one on in the skinny-mirrored, flattering-lighted dressing room, I parade in front of the attendants who all tell me how hot I look. Then they only charge me $20 for the whole thing. Yup, that’s my kind of bathing-suit shopping.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the Monday night class

Hey, before you sign up for the Monday night class at the Sharon Community Center, I have to tell you:

I'm not teaching it. :(

More later; gotta get ready for class. That class is still available, so if you're interested, please call. It just won't be with me. OK...I'm off! Later!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the new class info

I've been getting a lot of inquiries about the new class, so I decided to post it here after all. Here's a little piece from the email I sent out about it: 'bout that Zumba, huh? I don't know about you guys but I am having SO much fun. Of course it helps that I have the greatest classes!!

Speaking of classes, I wanted to tell you about a new class I just got. It's on Monday nights in Sharon, at the Sharon Community Center. The center is GORGEOUS, right on Massapoag Lake. I'm telling you, what a view. And the center itself is newly remodeled, with a beautiful ballroom where our classes will be held.

The best part about this class is you don't need a membership to go! Classes are held in sessions of 6 to 8 (or 10? Call for more details) weeks. If you would like to try a few classes before committing to a whole session, now is the time. There are three classes remaining in the current session--June 2, June 9, and June 16--and the woman coordinating the sessions is willing to prorate the price for just those three weeks. So come Zumba with me!

If you would like to find out more about the classes, please call Robyn of Breathe Joy Yoga at 781-784-4848. You can visit her website at
So, that's that! Hope you call, if you're in the area. We have lots of fun!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

yes, I WILL take that in a smaller size, please.

I went shopping for new clothes yesterday and today. I have to change my sidebar welcome message because the clothes I brought home were SIZE TEN!!!

Whoop whoop!!

Now, don't think I don't still have a long way to go--size 10 on someone who is only 5-foot-2 on a good day is still wrong wrong wrong. :) But!! OMG!!!!!

Go me! Go me! Go me! Go me! Go me!!

And as if that wasn't enough of a feel-good, when I went into work yesterday, and again today, (because I couldn't not wear my new smaller clothes right away--sorry if that's gross), everyone stared and said how good I looked...I actually got a little uncomfortable from all the attention. But dang! I'm hot! LOL

Now, tomorrow my mom is having a bunch of family over for a big cookout (I get to see my NEW BABY second cousin--I'll be gettin my baby fix on) and I get to show off my itty bitty booty, which I am so thrilled about because the last time I saw my extended family was shortly after Bek was born and, well, let's just say that's about the time those pictures of me in the dress a few posts back were taken too. So um, I look a little different now.

OK< here I feel the need to remind everyone that losing weight should never be all about how you look. If that's all you're in it for, you might as well just starve yourself skinny (please please don't). Losing weight needs (NEEEEDS!!!!) to be just as much, if not more, about how you feel, how healthy you are, how fit you are getting, how well you can perform through your day to day living.

But every once in a while, it sure is nice (and motivating!) to get a few compliments.

Dontcha think?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

feels like me

Hey, you know what I've noticed about losing weight? I think it's one of my favorite things about the whole process, actually: I feel different.

No, I mean, I feel different! Like, I'll be going through my life doing whatever, and I'll put my hands somewhere on myself (well that's sure to bring in some interesting search results...) and notice how I've changed.
  • Like when I put my hands on my hips and it takes my hands a lot longer to get there than it used to.
  • Or I scrach my shoulder or my neck and instead of my fingers digging through the fat, they're scraping against unyielding muscle.
  • Or I wipe my face under my eyes and notice there is more room between my face and my glasses than there used to be.

I love this so much, I've been known to walk around the house (or, um, the supermarket) with my fingers poked into my sides, enjoying how the muscles of my obliques feel when I walk.

How dorky is that?! :) But I love it!

It can be a pain sometimes--like when my daughter grabs me tight around the leg and instead of her fingers clinging to flab, they're digging into muscle--OW! Or if I'm carrying something with sharp corners like a heavy book or box, it digs into my muscle instead of just resting on my fat. :) But hey--I'll take it!

And oh hubby thinks I'm totally hot. That's definitely awesome. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



just testing the new blog feed subscription feature...

Monday, May 19, 2008

come Zumba with me!!!

I am so excited to tell you this:

You can come Zumba with me!!!

You don't need a membership. So if you don't like me, you can leave. :)

I just got a new class, and it's offered at a beautiful location. You can see out onto the lake from this gorgeous ballroom. I'm so excited!

I'm not giving details here, but if you are interested, and you live anywhere between Providence and Boston down through the south shore, hit me up at zumba_rocks at yahoo dot com and I'll give you the info. If you're subscribed to the blog already (you know, by sending an email to the same address with "subscribe" in the subject line), you'll get that email tomorrow. No need to ask. Whether you want it or not. I think that's called SPAM.

Just kidding--you all asked me for that kind of info, and I'm so excited to finally have it for you! :)

I taught the first class today. It was so great! I'm taking over for a woman who hurt her back really badly, which is so not great, but I am so thankful for the class. The women had lots of fun, and they were game for everything I threw at them. Even the hip pumping! :)

And I mentioned the view, right? Right on the lake. So gorgeous. And easy to get to! :)

In other news...if you're frustrated with dieting and exercise and losing weight, and you hear yourself saying things like, "I don't understand...I really don't eat that much," OMG do I hear you! Check this link out--America's Healthiest Drinks--for some info on ways you may be ingesting a lot more calories than you realize.

Friday, May 16, 2008

icing my rear end

I told you the other day that I was working on a drawing, right? Well there it is.

Wednesday night my behind was so sore after teaching two classes. That, plus a really slow night at my other job, inspired me to draw this.
In case you care, I started it in pen at work (purple pen, my old standby) and scanned it into the computer and finished it in Adobe Photoshop.

But that has nothing to do with Zumba, so you might not care. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

my classes are going to love these

I just found these pictures while trying to scan in the drawing I did need to see these. I knew I was fat...but man. It just goes to show what incredible denial I was in because these pictures look so different to me now then they did when they were taken...and that was quite a difference from how I felt at the time.

From about two years ago:

And let's compare that to a couple of pictures of me PK--pre-kids:

OK, first off...I just have to say it:

A) I had such fashion sense when I was 19. The oversized tee (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, TYVM), the lanyard, the tiny backpack...cute.
B) I never tire of pulling out the old Renn Faire pictures. Such a dork! :)

OK, anyway...

Now, I'm not trying to put myself down or anything. It's just so bizarre to me to see how big I was because I truly didn't realize it at the time. I knew the number on the scale was high. I knew the size on my pants was high. I just didn't see it in the mirror. Thank God, because who knows what that could have done to my self-esteem and, following that, to my marriage.

And it's good to see that, despite how I feel sometimes, and how I think I haven't come all that far and how I have so much farther to go, I really have come far.

Thank you God for Zumba...that's all I've gotta say. :)

15 May 08

To: Me
From: Me
Re: the clapping

OK, now, the madness. It has to stop. The way I see it, we have to options:
  1. Stop wearing rings to Zumba class
  2. Stop clapping so damn hard
Yes, I know we love the rings. They are cute and funky. And the clapping is a great way to get up the energy, especially in some of those...less energetic classes.

But the bruises!!

You walk around like that, with nasty bruises all over the palms of your hands, and what are people going to think? Really...I can't even come up with what they might think. That you regularly play "Catch the Darts"? I mean, the first time you noticed the first bruise you thought you were hemorrhaging from some horrible wasting disease!

OK, well...that was kind of funny. Especially when someone else pointed out what it was probably from, and the light dawned. Duh.

So please, for our sake and the sake of anyone who has to look at our hands and wonder what precise form of leprosy we're suffering from, stop the madness.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

one of those days

Hey, lemme tell ya about my class today! It was so great.

First, my brand new iPod, which I was so excited to get and so excited to use and so excited to load up with new music for all my classes, was no use at all. All we have at this particular location for hooking up the iPod is a cassette adapter (for you youngins, a cassette is the CD's ancient batty old cat-loving great-aunt) that is roughly 1,000 years old and is good for nuthin, so I had to fall back on my CD--the one with the songs I've been teaching for, like, a month.

Then, I guess I'm getting sick or something because by the second song I was totally huffing it! Now, I get a pretty good workout in my classes, but I'm never so out of breath that I can't talk. At least, not anymore. But today it felt like someone was sitting on my chest, and I practically dragged myself through the rest of it. Gah.

Oh, and then--and here's the part that's a little TMI--I realized I had a...let's call it a "monthly emergency," shall we? And what was I supposed to do? I was 15 minutes into an hour-long class! So I'm trying to teach the class while my mind is racing, trying to figure out what I'm going to do, when one of our newest instructors (who is so cute and who I just love--I should tell you about her sometime) came in the room.


So she covered me for a song, so that turned out OK...but jeez, it was just one of those rare classes where I had to force myself to finish. Usually I have to force myself to stop. :)

Anyway, that's my slightly-embarrassing post. I realized I hadn't posted in almost a week and that just won't do. :)

Oh hey! I wanted to tell you! I was crunching numbers and I decided that once I save $800--which will take me about a month and a half; I did explain I don't do this for the money, right?--I'm going to get ready to teach independently.

I know, I know. You've heard that before.

But no, I've actually thought this through this time! See, I was all bothered by the fact that I am only going to have about $3000 by the time I get to Orlando this fall. I'm going to need all new clothes by then, and I need to pay for the hotel and have plenty of spending money, and I want to treat my friends to something nice while we're down here's my plan:

Liability Insurance: $200
Advertising, fliers, biz cards, etc.: $200
First day's rent: $100
Portable sound system for the iPod: $200-300 (I'm thinking this one if it comes back to where the price was right...or this one--thoughts?)

Total: $700-800

Tell me what you think. Then I need to figure out how I'm going to run the class: do I want to sell 5-class or 10-class punch cards? Do I just want to run it on a drop-in basis? Do I want to run six-week sessions? I really have no freaking clue how to best work it. Ideally I would like to have two classes a week so I could offer people the option of more than one class a week without them needing to commit to a membership. And I'm considering offering a discount to people with a valid YMCA membership, since I don't want my bosses to feel like I'm stealing their members.

OK, off to bed. I have two classes tomorrow, so I've stocked the fridge with energy drinks. I spend way too much on that liquid crack, but I think tomorrow's going to be one of those days when I can't make it through without it. At least I've found a couple that don't taste like battery acid...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

headaches suck. kind of like thinking of titles for blog posts.

Last night I was up with the worst, most phantasmagorically bad migraine I have had in four months.

OMG did it suck.

Between the birth of my first child, nine years ago, and going vegan four months ago I would get these nasty headaches twice a month, coinciding nicely with my hormonal ebb and flow. Fun stuff. And if, for some reason, there were other factors involved--say, if I were dehydrated or had been eating especially poorly or was very tired--the headache would be that much worse. One time, before I actually figured out what was causing these headaches, I had one so bad that I was in the bathroom praying to either puke or die. Another time I was in bed, with all the lights out and an order issued to my husband to keep all children quiet, praying to either fall asleep or die. Those times are bad because the Excedrine just kind of bounces off the migraine while the migraine laughs maniacally, and I have to prop my head up and force myself to sip tiny sips of endless huge cups of water--without puking them up--until I'm hydrated and finally drop into bed and pray for sleep to come so I can wake up as myself again.

But once I went vegan it was Happy Days Are Here Again--I still got headaches if I was dehydrated (hello, you are supposed to drink water when you Zumba. Just so you know.) but they were headaches, like normal people get. Not migraines. No swimmy spots before the eyes. No dizziness. No nausea. No praying for the good Lord to just take me now so I can be cured of this infernal pain.

But--and here comes the confession--I've been eating my way through the house (and the convenience store, and the pizza shop, and the vending machine) for the last week with all cares thrown to the wind. And I'm dehydrated. And tired. And it's--woo hoo!--that time of month. So last night I drove home from work in a haze with one eye mostly shut, cursing myself for causing my own misery, and climbed into bed with some Excedrine (insert maniacal laughter) and a wet cloth for my head, and prayed for blessed sleep while simultaneously swearing off every bad thing I'd gorged myself on in the last 5 days.

OK, OK, I prayed. Lesson learned.

I woke up a new chica (thank you God) and am ready to get back into the healthy habits I started four and a half months ago.

No more soda.

No more artificial sweeteners.

No more refined sugar. (FWIW, did you know that refined white sugar is filtered through charred animal bones? No lie!)

No cheese. That crap is addictive.

No milk, no ice cream, no homemade sweet and sour meatballs, no homemade sesame disgusts me to even think I've ingested all those things in the last week. Disgusts.

All I want right now is lots of fruit, piles of steamed veggies on top of piles of quinoa, whole grain pasta with all-natural tomato sauce, granola and soy milk...all the stuff that makes me feel energetic and positive and feather-light and shiny-happy.

Wow...I sound like a hippy.

Oooh, that reminds me! I found a funny article you should read! Here ya go.

Now for the reminders:
1) Did you vote in the IDEA video contest yet? Click on the link to the right.
2) Have you emailed all your friends and family and gushed Zumba love to them yet? Hello, pretty Zumba bracelets up for the grabs! The original post is below.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

spoiled rotten

I just booked my flight to Orlando!

I'm getting an 8GB iPod for Mother's Day!

I'm going to take a class with Tanya B in 44 days!

My birthday is coming in 51 days and I'm having a party!

My clothes are falling off!

My hubby taped NCIS for me while I was at work!

I did nothing but play and read magazines all day today and the weather was gorgeous!

I'm surrounded by wonderful family, friends, Zumba family, and Zumba classes whom I love and who love me back!

I am downright spoiled.

you can win!

Want to win that big wristful of I Heart Zumba bracelets on my post from a few days ago? I'm giving them away!

Well, not those exact bracelets. You don't want those--I sweat in those. I'll get you new ones.

Here's the deal. I want everyone to know about Zumba. And you're gonna help me! So what you need to do is send an email to all your friends and family. I won't tell you what to write--you can write whatever you want. You just need to include these three things:
  1. The Zumba name and website, .
  2. A little about your experience with Zumba, whatever it might be, including what it's done for you. Have you lost weight? Do you feel better about yourself? more sexy? more confident? Do you teach it now? Is it just a great way to get out of the house one night a week? Whatever it is to you. ...As long as it's positive. You know.
  3. This one isn't necessary, just a personal favor...tell them about the blog here. If you need the address, it's . Stupid name but hey, it's mine for now until I can buy out "".
Then copy me in the email. I need to see how many people you send it to, but don't worry--I have no idea how to sell email addresses for profit and wouldn't do it if I could. Spam sucks. I won't be using them for my own use either. I just need to be able to count how many people are reading your email.

For every person you send a Zumba-themed email to and copy me on, I will enter you into a drawing for the fancy-schmancy Zumba bracelets! Woo hoo! What's not to love!

OK, OK, so it's not like I'm sending you the new DVD set, or something. But hey, you love your friends and family, right? You want them to get healthy and have fun, right? So they need to hear about Zumba!

You have until the end of May.

This post will self destruct.

Monday, May 05, 2008

because junk food is WAY too easy to come by

You know what I was thinkin?

What if, when you wanted to go out and get some junk food, you had to think about what you really wanted, look up online to find the nearest place to get it, then you had to drive fifteen miles to the place that sells it, then you had to pay an admission charge to get in, then you had to pay for the food itself, plus an equipment charge to cover the fork and the plate and the cup for your coffee. Then you had to sit through a ten-minute training session on how to use the equipment before you could use it. And for some kinds of junk food what if you needed a buddy to eat with you.

And then, when you were just tooling around town in your car and decided maybe you'd stop and get some exercise, you could just stop by the nearest street corner and pop into a rock gym or a swimming pool or yoga studio, yell to the guy at the counter, "Hey Joe, how're the kids?", plop down a $5 bill and say, "The usual, Joe!" and go work out and have fun!

Wouldn't that be great?!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

zumba blog

For all of you newcomers:

Hi! I'm Kimberly. I write this Zumba blog. I'm writing a post named "Zumba blog" so that when you put "Zumba blog" into a search engine, this blog will come up!


Make yourself at home. Check out the archives. There are some great pictures of me almost 35 pounds ago...and some more recent pictures of me that show how effective a workout Zumba really is.

If you came here to learn about Zumba, you're in the right place.

If you came here looking for a quick way to lose inches in your hips and thighs (as it would seem from my tracker that you are), well...Zumba can help with that...but more than that, Zumba is a total-body and spirit transformation. Be warned: you try Zumba and you won't want to stop. :)

So, new reader, thanks for coming. If you want to subscribe to the blog, just send an email to zumba_rocks at yahoo dot com with the word "subscribe" in the subject field.

In the meantime, here's a video to show you a bit of what you're in for when you look into the crazy exciting workout called Zumba:

Friday, May 02, 2008


I'm having an off day.

All I want to do is eat a lot and sleep a lot.

I'm like...a bear! A big, grouchy, mama grizzly bear. And it's cold and rainy and this grizzly mama bear is getting ready to hibernate for the winter.

I have to tell you, though. Pigging out is a lot different now that I've totally revamped my eating habits. I did have one muffin this morning that, while made with soy milk, still had eggs in it. But after that it was Oh, let's have a bagel with tofu fake cream cheese. OK, now lets have...sprouted grain toast with nonhydrogenated vegan margarine. And a few dairy-free dark-chocolate chocolate chips. Now it's time for cereal in soy milk. Now, a big pile of...steamed vegetables. Don't I have some vegetables in the freezer? Ooooh! I do! Yes! I sure wish I still had some leftover couscous to go with it...

So it's a little different from back-in-the-day, when I would have heated up BOTH of the frozen pizzas that are in the freezer right now, mixed those chocolate chips up into a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, and then hit up the grocery store for a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Granted--my cereal fix was Reese's Puffs...but hey! Soy milk! And I stopped after one bowl!

Unfortunately I now have a huge headache, which my almost-two-hour nap did nothing to alleviate. That'll teach me! Go to work tonight with a headache! So there!

I don't think bears get headaches. Just sayin.

In other news...I'm almost ready to book my flight to ORLAAAANDOOOO for this fall. Eee, I can't wait!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

i get to party with tanya b!

A couple of months from now, right before my birthday, there's gonna be a Master class with Tanya B, who is (go ahead, say it with me) my favorite favorite Zumba instructor!

This master class is only open for Zumba instructors (like me!) and one guest each, and it's going to be great! I mailed out the check for my ticket first thing this morning. It's down in Connecticut, on a Saturday, so I'm going to take the day off work. Or I'll work the morning shift...I haven't decided. Anyway, you don't care about that. But you should care that if you are an instructor in the CT area, you need to get your butt down there!