Saturday, April 19, 2008

zumba shoes and other stuff

I've posted about this before but one of my bosses just asked for a rundown of the topic, so here ya go:

Zumba shoes. If you want to Zumba, you need to pay attention to what you have on your feet. Wear a running shoe, something that has too much tread, and you'll risk torquing your knee on some of the twisting, hip-shaking stuff. Wear something with little support or cushion and you risk all kinds of injury like stress fracture, twisted ankles, and lots of other fun things. Finding a shoe that is right for you can be hard--how do you know a shoe will work for you until you use it? The trial and error involved in finding the right shoe can be trying (and expensive!) but it's a lot better than winding up injured.

Here's some suggestions to get you started:

Nike has great dance sneakers on their site:
Nike Musique III
Nike Shox Electro
Nike Shox Q'Vida
Nike Shox AM
Nike Air Max Melodic
Nike Air Capri
Nike Shox MC

I wear the Nike Shox O-Drive and I love them. The shox are great for absorbing all the shock from all the jumping and squatting. However, Nike is kind of famous for having a narrower shoe, so if you have wider feet or bunions or anything like that, you might want to try something wider. I know as much as I love mine, I can't wear them all day.

I looked at the New Balance site, since they're supposed to be good for wider feet. There aren't any specialized dance sneakers, like Nike has--Nike is actually the only major manufacturer of a cardio dance sneaker--but some of their training shoes looked good. I thought the MX825 and the WX747 looked promising.

You don't have to put out crazy money. I tell people if they're only taking one Zumba class a week to check out Payless or Target, which always have cheap athleisure-style shoes with a nice flat bottom. The thing with these is eventually you'll want more support and cushioning, so this kind of shoe is really for the casual or brand-new, try-it-and-see-if-I-like-it Zumba-er.

The important things are:
  1. Smooth bottom, not lots of tread
  2. Support, especially lateral support
  3. Less important but preferable, cushioning like in the Shox.
Lots of people like to wear dance sneakers, like Capezio or Bloch. The people who wear them swear by them. I don't like them because, A) I think they slip too much for when we do big lateral movements and stretching and B) I think they're ugly. :) But it's another option. Just make sure they're the dance sneaker and not the jazz shoe, which has a soft sole and no support.

I did find these shoes at that I LOVE. I'll link to them here. I'm saving up for those as soon as I save enough money for Zumba conference. Well, those, and another pair of Nike Shox. :) It's just about retirement time for my first pair.

I do have other stuff to write about. Like OMG I can't seem to budge that stupid freaking scale and OMG I need to stop eating Reese's Puffs and OMG I hate that time of month. And OMG wasn't it just that time of month? But I'm tired and I need to clean and fold laundry and learn choreography. And sell my brand new digital camera on ebay so I can buy an ipod instead so I don't have to burn a new stinkin CD every stinkin second.

Gah, I'm such a grouch. You're glad to be rid of me, aren't you. Aren't you!!!

What shoes do you Zumba in?
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