Wednesday, April 16, 2008

whoop whoop!

Oh, my class. It totally rocked. Those people in there...they know how to shake it!! And they were full of energy, and responsive--nothing's worse than trying to build up the energy in a room where the people look their eyes are open but nobody's home, y'know? But these people--they whooped, they catcalled, they shimmied and shook and laughed and sweated...we had such a great time.

And all my fears that I would disappoint them were all for nothing. I was so humbled to realize how much worth I was putting on myself as an instructor. These people just need someone up there to show them what to do and make it fun. They aren't going to run me out on a rail because of who I am or who I'm not. Sometimes I think God has blessed me with this fantastic Zumba journey not to help other people like I assume but to teach me a thing or fifty.

So much fun. So much sweat. So it's off to bed!
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