Thursday, April 24, 2008

totally not related to anything Zumba or weight-loss

But I had to share anyway:

My girls are Jo, leaning on her elbow, Devy, sitting with her hands in her lap next to Jo, and Bek, way over there in the stroller. The kids are just some random cuties we found at the park. Kidding! They belong to two of my friends. I know, I know, you thought I started a daycare. We had a playdate at the park today to take advantage of the gorgeous, most un-New England-like weather. We even dipped in the pond. Bek completely submerged in the pond... And we got to pet a ferret! Bonus! :)

I have lots to tell you. Adding classes, losing inches, and oh yeah: Zumba conference which I just registered for the other day including sharing a room with Lee and Halloween Zumba with BETO!

I have to lay off the B-word (Beto!) for a little while--hubby might start thinking things he has no need to think...but Ooh! Excited! Is it October yet?!
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