Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i think i am going to...*urp*

It's 11 o'clock at night and I really really should be sleeping because I have a class to teach at 9:30 tomorrow morning, but, see, that's kind of why I can't sleep.

I'm taking over a class for another instructor who apparently can't teach it anymore for whatever reason, and I am so freaking nervous because apparently everyone who takes her class just loves her and how the heck am I supposed to come in there and take her class?

I'm going to get lynched!

Pair that with the fact that our dryer is running and ever since I watched that news report last night about the guy who died when his dryer caught fire I just can't go to sleep with it running regardless of the fact that we have like a zillion very sensitive smoke detectors in the house that don't even let me overcook my toast for crying out loud and...I'm running around the house on nervous energy, trying to clean and learn new choreography at the same time (ZIN 14! Holla!!) which we just know is a bad idea because then I'll walk into class thinking I know stuff I so don't...

But I'm so thankful! I just got this lovely email from this really nice lady whose class I sub for sometimes. She put two and two togeteher and figured out that the Wednesday morning class I listed on my "schedule" post is the very class that she used to take with the old (fantastic, energetic, wonderful) instructor who suddenly is giving it up and she emailed me to say she hoped she was right and was I taking that class? The email was very sweet and encouraging and, needless to say, exactly what I needed to hear.

Feed the ego! The ego is large and gets hungry often! ;)

Anyway, I'm praying for my pride--the pride that begets the ego that needs such petting and feeding--to get squashed under many Zumba feet tomorrow. We're gonna have a great class! As long as I get some sleep! ;)
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