Thursday, April 10, 2008

i (heart) catalogs

I got the catalog for Dancewear Solutions in the mail the other day, and ever since then I've been poring over it like a kid with the Toys R Us Christmas catalog.

Now, I'm not a dancer, technically. But I think...I think I want to be. Does that make me a wannabe dancer? Yes, I guess it does. Technically. But I don't care when there are so many cute things to be had by the dancer of today!

Things like this:

So cute!

And armwarmers--did I ever need an excuse to wear armwarmers?

When I have hot legs I'm going to get these (in lots of colors!), and just wear them around the house to torture my husband:

The 80s child in me wants these:

And OMG how cute would I look teaching Zumba in these:

And I don't know yet what I'm wearing for the Halloween Zumba conference (Did I mention the conference starts on my very favorite non-holiday??!) but whatever it is, it's going to employ these for sure:

And shoes. We can't forget shoes! I want these:

And these are the first thing I buy after I'm sure I have enough for conference:

Love. Them.

OK OK, that's enough mindless consumer-driven babble for now. Time to get ready for my kids' Zumba class. Gee, I sure hope someone shows up!!

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