Tuesday, April 29, 2008

153.0 and product reviews

Oh yeah baby: 153.0 was the happy reading on the scale this morning, after way too long at 155/156. To celebrate, I went to class today in a tummy-baring Zumba tank top. Nothing, like, in-yo'-face!!!, just a little tummy. I don't want to scare anyone away with my Amazing Stretchmarks (tm). I figured I'd cover up after a while--you know, tie that Zumba Instructor jacket around my waist or something equally tacky and not-fooling-anyone--but I was fine! And that room, man, the fluorescent lights would kill a weaker woman! ;)

OK, product reviews. I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I've been super lazy with posting. Too much other stuff to do, what with April vacation and OMG we had the best weather and were outside ALL WEEK!

So up first we have a product I like to list under "Why does my husband put all his vertically-challenged-wife's favorite coffee mugs on the top friggin shelf". It's Goji Berry Green Tea, by Stash Tea.

(OK, now this was where I was going to put a picture of the box of tea...but apparently the Stash website has crappy pictures. So, just imagine a pretty red and green and black box with the words "goji berry green tea".)

Goji berries are supposed to be supah good for you--full of nutrients and stuff. They taste good, anyway. You can get them dried and put them on salads or eat them like raisins.

Also in this tea is "Matcha". I had to look up what that is. Wikipedia was there for me as always, with this definition:
fine, powdered green tea used particularly in the Japanese tea ceremony, as well as to dye and flavour foods such as mochi and soba noodles, green tea ice cream and a variety of wagashi (Japanese confectionery). The most famous Matcha-producing regions are Uji in Kyoto (tea from this region is called "Ujicha"), Nishio in Aichi (tea from this region is called "Nishiocha") both on the main island of Honshū; Shizuoka, and Northern Kyushu.

There is your lesson for today. Don't say I never taught ya nuthin.

Up next we have two They're not granola bars. They're not snack bars, which make me think, like, cereal bars with yogurt inside. So, whatever-bars.

As a vegan it is hella difficult to find a snack I can throw in my totally cute orange Zumba gym bag that doesn't have dairy in it and won't melt chocolate all over the place and won't taste like crap but won't be too overly sweet with sugar or, so help me, high fructose corn syrup.

First I tried Larabars. They' well, they're certainly all natural, and the cashew cookie flavor is pretty tasty, along with some others. But they didn't whip me into a post-workout frenzy. ("OOh! I get to eat my bar now!! Yeeeeesssssssss!")

What? You don't feel that way about your snack bar? Try these next two and you will.

First is the PranaBar. There is a line over the first 'a', like when we were in school learning the difference between short vowels and long. Or whatever they call them now. Anyway, this is a good freakin bar. The first one I tried was the Coconut Acai (pronounced "a-sigh-ee", and it's a super antioxidant. Yummy stuff.) OMG, the goodness!!

You can check out more about these bars, including nutrition info and health claims for raw food at I also tried the Apricot Goji, which was delicious despite my general disdain for anything apricot-y. Must've been those Goji berries carrying the taste. ;)

The other bar was a Trio bar, by Mrs. May's. I got a big box of these from a warehouse store. Imagine taking three kinds of nuts, three kinds of fruit or berry, and three kinds of seeds, mixing them up in a bowl, spreading them out on a cookie sheet, and pouring a cane sugar glaze over them. Cut them up and you have Trio bars. (I'm expecting my patent infringement notice any day now...) Yummy yummy stuff. At 230 calories each they're somewhat caloricious, but hey, you are working out, aren't you?? Hm? Hm? And fruit nuts and seeds! You need that stuff!

OK, OK, one last quick one that I meant to tell you about a while ago and never did. Tropicana makes this juice that is just to die for. It's from their new Tropicana Pure line and OMG is it good! The flavor I tried was Raspberry Acai (there's that word again). It was very good, although you have to keep in mind that you're drinking juice and juice has calories too. Next I'm going to try the Pomegranate Blueberry. All these cells should be totally rust free, hurrah! :)

OK, off to learn some choreography. Or nap. Such tough decisions!

note: I really, really, loved my layout with the dancer chick on the side. But I can only have her if I keep the old version of Blogger, which doesn't have all the cool new features the new blogger has. So...back to the boring version of the blog layout. Until someone offers to trade me layout lessons for Zumba lessons. ;)
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