Friday, March 14, 2008

the pride and the fall of me. oh, and an overabundance of parentheses.

Last night I gave one of my worst classes ever!

It all started because I wanted SO BADLY to bring some of the songs from the new DVDs to my class that night. I'm not going to be there next week (We'll be too busy partying with Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Beto!) and I couldn't bear to wait two whole weeks to do the new songs, so I kept listening to the songs over and over and watching the DVDs over and over, but since I was sick and was feeling nasty well into yesterday I never actually got up and practiced on my feet.

Now a healthy, normal, well-adjusted instructor would say, "Well, I'm not really ready to do those songs in class and I would never want to do less than my best for my students, so I'm going to wait to bring these songs until I can get up and practice them and know them inside and out. Upside down and sideways. Even if it means waiting two more weeks."

But what *I* said was, "Psht! I know this! I don't have to practice! I can do it in my head; what's the difference getting up in class and doing it? No sweat." And I admit, what I was really thinking was "I need to have fresh new stuff that no one else is doing yet so I can be the best!!!" So I took my laptop to the Y and sat there for an hour before class cramming choreography for five songs into my head.

(PS, for those of you who are interested, they were African Dreams, Santa Que, Zumbalicious, Zumbando por un Sueno, and Alegria pa' Zumbar. Love them!)

Now, there were several things wrong with this. Besides the obvious things like OMG I'm such a jerk and OMG what kind of instructor walks into class never having actually gotten up and DONE the moves,
  1. I didn't factor in time to pee before class. BIG mistake. I always pee like a bazillion times before I teach a class. I'm like a nervous excited puppy. You're welcome for sharing.
  2. I didn't factor in time to change out of my street shoes into my Zumba sneakers. HUGE mistake. HATE working out in my street shoes--they're cheap and now I hurt.
  3. The clock on my computer, which I was using to make sure I wasn't late, is apparently 8 whole freakin minutes slower than the clock in the Y. So...I was late. Only by a minute, but normally I'm plenty early so I can prepare and stuff. You know, numbers one and two above.
So...long story short (haha yeah) I got to class, previewed a couple of more difficult moves (how 'bout that Sabor step, huh? Love it!) and then totally mangled most of the songs. (Zumbalicious came out OK. Love it.)

I don't know how much the class picked up on the messing up. The class was remarkably small tonight, as were all the other classes before mine today, and as was my kids class (two whole kids this week!), and the energy was kind of...low (as in crickets chirping). So I'm going to go ahead and say I disappointed them, anyway. I was so mad at myself as we left. I swore, after taking classes with other, more perpetually, unprepared instructors, that I would never ever take songs into class that I didn't know every way, couldn't do with my eyes closed, in my get the idea.

Well, I took my sorry pera to the mall and drowned my woes in a soy latte (oh the drama). And I promise, I'm never doing that again. There's nothing like that high that comes from giving a great class and lemme tell ya--last night was nothing like that high. ;)

[Posting may be sporadic until I get home from Disney on Easter Sunday (Easter!!! My favorite day of the year!). The laptop, sadly, is staying home. (Gah! Withdrawl!!!)]
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