Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm back from Florida! We had a blast. So much fun. So much walking.

And Friday? I Zumba'd with BETOOOOOO!

That was SO fun.

The $80 cab ride there? Not so much.

But OMG so fun. Lots of energy, nonstop music and dancing, tons of other instructors.

(I'd like to interrupt the positive gushing flow to say I'm so sick of how I look next to other could fit two instructors in the space I take up. OK--back to the positiveness...)

So yeah, it was lots of fun. The energy was intense. I didn't get to meet Beto, though. Thanks to that lovely $80 cab ride, I secured a free ride home from a really nice woman that I was so happy to meet. But I had to leave when she was ready...and she wasn't an instructor so she didn't have that "must-meet-BETO" impulse the rest of us are so prone to. :) But you know how Zumba sucks you in...I bet she'll get to a workshop soon. It's an epidemic!

By the time we got home yesterday we were all so beat. I feel like I could sleep for a day. And during Tina's class this morning I was like a rag doll.

Oh, yeah, I have got to eat something. While we were gone most of my meals were fruit, veggies, and pasta or other carbs--but very little protein, since everything was meat and cheese. The cafeteria did have chocolate soy milk and soy burgers...but 3 meals a day, plus snacks, over the course of four days...a girl can only eat veggie burgers so many times!

ZZzzz..OK, off to an early bedtime.
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