Thursday, March 27, 2008

big news

I'm sick. :P

In other (really fantastic!) news...This October (at least, the rumor is October and I hope it doesn't change to November or December because then I won't be able to go because when you work in retail, time off during the holiday season does not happen) the very first Zumba Instructor Conference will take place in Orlando, Florida!


I am so excite--and not just because it will be my third trip to Orlando in less than a year and a half--pretty big deal because never go anywhere and now I get to go there again which kind of rocks because there are so many places I want to go back to and so many places Ii didn't get to go to the last couple of times and OMG ZUMBA CONFERENCE!!!

What was I saying?

Oh yeah. So I totally wanna go. And I know there are plenty of other instructors popping in here now and then so...are YOU going? hm? hm??

I've got it all figured out. If save up every single penny from my Thursday afternoon Zumba kids class, my Thursday night Zumba class, my new Wednesday and Saturday classes at the community center...AND sub every single one of my bosses' classes, between now and October, and don't spend any of it (ha!)...that will be approximately $3,940. Assuming my kids class runs through the summer, which frankly I'm hoping it doesn't. So that should cover 2 plane tickets, a hotel room for 2 people for several days, a rental car (no m ore $80 cab rides for me!), and some fun money.

I know what you're thinking! You're thinking it's awful nice of me to bring my hubby along but, won't he be bored while I'm at my conference?

Truth is, I'm hoping not to bring him. He'll be home spending quality time with the kids, because while going to Florida with him for his conference and being on y own all day was my dream come true last summer, my hubby is a homebody at heart and really would be bored without me (awwwww...).

No, I'm hoping to surprise my friend Tina with the trip. She's the one person I feel like I owe my whole Zumba journey to. She started teaching the first Zumba classes i our area at my Y way back a year and a half ago. And she is the most loving, selfless, deserving, person I know. So if I can be a blessing to her by taking her on this trip, I so want to!

Shh! Don't tell! It's our secret, OK? If I can contain myself, that is. So, I have two or three really huge challenges ahead of me:
  1. remembering to fill out and turn in my time cards so I actually get paid
  2. not spending my money as soon as I get it
  3. not telling Tina
  4. not telling Tina
  5. not telling Tina!
Oh, and some other things for the "preparing for Zumba Conference" list:
  1. get a new camera to replace the one I just go for Christmas that Ii somehow broke right after vacation--good thing I didn't buy that memory card to go with it. Too bad I didn't buy that mickey mouse camera case...
  2. lose 30 more pounds, even if that means spending some of my $3940 on a whole new wardrobe. Yeah, I could deal with that. And hey, it's doable--that's about a pound a week.
  3. convince my friend Lee to go. Come on, girl! You can room with us!
  4. get the time off work. Please, God, don't let them move it any later...
[update: Being the sweet, thoughtful wife I am, I asked my hubby if he would want to come, figuring he'd automatically say no. He said he had to think about it. Doesn't he know this is my chance for a girls' week out? We might have to talk...] :)
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