Monday, March 10, 2008


That's the reading on the scale, as of this morning. Just for the fun of it, I calculated my BMI online.

I'm now at 29.3, down from 33.8 (holy crap!) when I started out.

So, now I'm only overweight, not obese. Wheee! ;)

It's hard to put too much stock in those numbers, and I'll tell you why by sharing what I did this weekend:

I bought two pairs of size 12 pants.

Size 12! Me! I haven't worn that size in five years (check it out, I even changed my "about me" section. It used to say I was "looking at" my size 12s.). And the notable thing about it is that any time in my life I wore that size, I was always right at 150. 140 was a size 10, 160 a size 14, and so on. For me, 10 pounds equals one pant size, and while that's still true, it's now down a whole step.

So lately, 170 was a size 14, and now at 160 I'm wearing a size 12. And I know the clothes people aren't screwing with the sizes too much, because I can fit into my old pants (that I kept as some kind of self-torture) too. So that means I've gained muscle, right? Not that I need all this to tell me that--I can tell just in how I feel. You know, I can put a hand on my neck, or my knee, or my waist, or anywhere, and feel muscle that I don't ever remember having before, even growing up.

So what does that do to my BMI? Doesn't it give me a false idea of where I am?

Oh well, I'm not overly concerned. I'm thrilled with how I look and feel and how easy it's all going and how much I'm loving my diet and my ZUMBA and how all that adds up to me as a happier, healthier mommy/wife/friend/everything.

I am kinda curious to know what my body fat percentage is though. Not that I knew what it was when I weighed 185...I was too scared to check then. Could you imagine what it must feel like to know you're made up of 50% fat or something? I so didn't want to know then, so now I have nothing to compare to. Do any of you have one of those body makeup scales? Do you like it? I think I might invest in one...

*ps...Is this not one of the most scatterbrained, poorly-written posts in the history of posting? I apologize--I'm trying to cram in an entry between cleaning up after my kids, who have some nasty bug again. God? I'd like an order of Spring, please. Thanks.

*pps...I know, I know. I need to tell you all about the DVDs and show you my face when I got it. I will tell you this: they're freakin awesome. And this: I cried when I realized what they were. I feel very loved. :) And this: You SO need to order them. But you'll wait for them because I think they're still backordered. But OH are they worth it!
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