Saturday, February 02, 2008

up way too frakkin late

It's quarter of three in the morning and while there is so much more I could be doing right now, I've finished the most important things on my to-do list, I can't quite see straight for sleepiness, and if I don't go to bed now I'll never make Tina's Zumba class in the morning.

But! I took a pretty picture of the quinoa recipe for you--this time with mango mixed in. I'm not a huge food-porn addict but this was too pretty to not share:

Oh, and here's another picture, just while I'm uploading. No food this time--just me and Devy. Good shot of the nose ring, yay!


One more thing before I go: I'm starting a newsletter for my fellow Zumbadors y Zumbadoras. If you could ask one thing for an FAQ section, what would it be? OK, you can ask more than one if you want.

OK, good night. Or good morning?
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