Sunday, February 24, 2008

up way too early

It's 4:30. Thanks to Bek, I've been awake since 3. My back hurts. I can't sleep. And now that I'm up, my stomach is telling me it's time for breakfast.

How are YOU doing?


Hey, I have a question for you moms or dads or caretakers or health professionals or whatevers out there:

Which is best: giving your kids 100% fruit juice, giving them juice that has less total sugar but less fruit juice percentage and more high fructose corn syrup, or giving them water with those dissolvable fruity-tasting mixes, you know, like crystal light, with no calories but lots of artificial flavors and sweeteners?

Hubby and I are in a disagreement over this one. Of course I would like the kids to drink water, and they do sometimes, but mostly they want something that tastes yummy. I say that if they aren't going to drink water, they should have 100% fruit juice, with the occasional artificially-sweetened, no-calorie crystal-light-type mix.

He says things like Tropicana Twister are better because even though they have high fructose corn syrup, fructose comes from fruit anyway and because those types of drinks have a lower percentage of juice and therefore a lower amount of sugar per volume, they're better to give to our kids.

In my mind, high fructose corn syrup=fast track to childhood onset of diabetes. Can someone help me out here?

In other news...

I taught more classes last week than I have ever taught in one week ever before. It was something nuts like eight classes in seven days or something. And then I went to see some girlfriends I haven't seen since September and they were all, "Ooh, let's Zumba! Bring your music!" and of course I was all, "OK!!" because I love me some Zumba and I love that THEY love it, but ooooooooooh my legs! and my arms! and my abs! and my feet!

The good news, of course, is I swear I can see and feel the difference in myself just from that one week.

The bad news is I will be canceling all my classes for the rest of the winter.

:) OK OK, like you'd fall for that. But man! someone pass the protein shake!

Next time: an update on how things are going with the class I want to teach at the studio.

PS: Enjoy the pretty colors while they last. Normally? SO not a pastel person...but I'm thinking spring. Anyone with me on THAT? And I don't want to hear from anyone in sunny California...just kidding, Lee! ;)
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