Friday, February 29, 2008

too tired to think of a title...

Hey y'all! Thanks for all your comments on the crap I feed my children. :) I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow morning and I'm taking all your comments with me.

Wanna hear something that makes me feel like I'm probably a ginormous loser but is true anyway? My favorite all-time blogger, whose blog I've been reading since I was pregnant with Bek and started blogging myself, who I read every day as soon as I signed on to the computer, who has changed my outlook on life in so many good ways, has retired from blogging. Closed her blog. And I'm SO SAD about it! I feel like my best friend moved away...regardless of the whole "never actually met" thing.

Well, OK. Moving on...

I have to tell you about the mad crazy classes I've been teaching lately! Except I'm so tired! So if there are typos and bad grammar and all that, just put it up to the tired, OK?


Oh. I promised I would tell you more about the studio class.

I don't really want to talk about it.

Well,'s just I met with the woman the Thursday after the class and she said the response was good blah blah blah, but then she got into things like she doesn't think her liability insurance would cover me, and the 60/40 split I suggested just wouldn't really be worth it for her and I should consider that her instructors get between $20-40 per class based on experience and she needs to pay for the heat and electricity blah blah blah and the more I heard, the more it sounds like she's hoping to have the class but to hire me on as an employee, which is SO not what I want. I HAVE a job. As a matter of fact, if you count the other places I teach, plus my "bill-paying" job, I have three. And those are just the jobs I get paid for--never mind the whole "mom and wife" thing. No, if I'm going to take any more classes at this point, I'm going to do it on my terms, not as someone's employee.

So...I think I'm going to step back a bit, save the money I'm making from my other classes, and get liability insurance, a sound system, and then my certifications, so I can just rent some space somewhere where no one will care much about how I run things. You know, if I want to give out a thousand free passes a week, I should be able to, as long as I can pay rent. I shouldn't have to worry about how much it will cut into someone else's profit. Just mine. And heck, I'm doing this because I love it...not because I'm strapped for cash.

I haven't talked to her since then, so I'll let you know how it goes.

In other "I teach Zumba" news, I've been helping out at a place that will remain unnamed for now. And I guess the members really like me (which? I don't get...but I guess I won't complain...) because the director wants to let one of the other people go so I can take that class.


Lemme get this straight. You're going to fire that I can teach?

That's nuts.

But anyway, I'm excited. So in a couple of months, when their next session starts, I'll have one class and maybe even two if they get childcare extended during the week.

And OM freaking G, I have got to tell you about the kids' Zumba class I taught yesterday (right before my night adult class! It's two! two! two classes in one day!).

My director asked me to do the kids class and I was all excited because my two older girls could go and they have been begging to do it. So, OK, sure, I'll take it.

She emailed me to say there were 6 or so kids registered, and they were going to bring in the kids from childcare too.

I'm thinking "childcare" as in the room that the kids go in for an hour or so while the mmoms and dads work out so, you know, what's that like 6 or 8 more kids? No problem.

Yeah. that's not what she meant. She meant the after school program.

So I'm teaching away, having a great time with my 6 or 8 little kids, when the childcare kids start filing in. And filing in. And filing!! in!!!

There were like forty! freakin! kids! there!!!! What the heck do I do with all these children??!

And they were middle schoolers, which I am convinced is God laughing because I've always hated that age. You know, thats the age where they have to be so cool, and they're still figuring out who they are and they don't want to do anything that might be uncool or they would just die.

We actually had a pretty good class--I was pleasantly surprised. We did the Cha Cha Slide like three times. We took one break to play Simon Says. And we took one break to get in a circle and play "Show me how YOU dance."

But oh, the shuddering when they left, saying, "See you next week!!"

I have to do that again?!

So the joke is SO on me. I thought I would have it so easy with this class. Really--I'd probably hardly even break a sweat!! Sure!

Anyway, I think if we do the Cha Cha Slide 10 times in a row they might eventually mutiny, but it's the only song that really went over all that well. Anyone have any suggestions?
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