Tuesday, February 12, 2008

new's like Christmas!

Just got the latest issue of Zumba choreography and music yesterday. I think I've watched the whole thing--the live class and the one-on-one instruction--three times since then. It's so great--I feel like I'm being spoiled with all the excellent music and choreography I've received since starting to teach. Love it!

In other news...last Saturday I took my group exercise instructor test at the Y. Passed easy-peasy, but then so did the two chickies who were texting the entire time. Whatever, at least I have that out of the way and I feel somewhat competent. It actually surprised me--I didn't expect to really get into it so much. I came home and drilled my hubby with a bunch of stuff I learned.

Like, for example: did you know that some people are genetically better built to be runners and some are genetically better built to be, say, weight lifters? Well, you probably intuited that, but it's actually in your muscles! There are two types of muscle fiber--one for activities that require fast action and lots of strength, and one that is better for feats of endurance--and while we all have both kinds, and most of us have them in roughly equal amounts, some of us have more of the longer, leaner, endurance muscle and some of us have more of the quicker, stronger muscle.

So the fact that I love to Zumba but hate to run? Totally not my fault--it's all my muscle. That's my story, and I'm stickin to it. xD

And oh! I never realized what a spiritual experience the 8-hour class would be--no kidding! We were studying a cross-section of muscle and it showed a muscle, with a close-up of part of the muscle, which was broken into smaller parts, which was broken into smaller parts...and then they showed how, when your muscle contracts, it's actually sliding into itself--kind of like a telescope, I guess--and it just had me amazed. To think that we are SO complex, and the extent to which all our body systems work together, and how...just...everything...and we were like that even when we were the tiniest little embryo, before anyone even knew we existed... At one point I was so overwhelmed by it all I had to stop thinking for a second. Kind of like if you look up into the stars and start thinking about how huge it all is? Yeah, like that.

OK, it's getting late and tomorrow's probably going to be a snow day so I need to be all rested so I can build a snow army with the girls. But I gotta add just a couple more things:
  • 162.5!!!!! I've lost a two-year-old and still going! ;)
  • Tofu tacos: pan-fry some extra-firm til it's dry-as-a-bone-cuz-mushy-tofu's-nasty, throw some taco seasoning on it and prepare like a taco. Yum. Hubby actually suggested that one--he may be a carnivore but I love him anyway.
PS--Have you ordered the new Zumba DVDs?
PPS--Have a nice Valentine's day! May you spend it with the person you most want to be with--even if that's YOU. ;)
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