Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my studio class

Hi everybody! Thanks for all your emails asking how my studio class was. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I'm on my sixth day in a row of teaching Zumba classes, so I've been spending the time I usually spend on the computer, sleeping.


The class. It was...OK. I mean, there were plenty of people there, the space was full, and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time, but I'm anxious about whether they'll want to actually come back and pay for regular classes. I'm sorry to say I let my nerves get the best of me, and I was way off my game. I mean, I don't think the class knew at all, but I could have--should have--done so much better. And I didn't plan the time very well. I spent too much time talking about what Zumba is, and not enough time busting a move. And I wish I picked more-fun songs. I concentrated too hard on getting one merengue, one salsa, one cumbia, one reggaeton...when really if I want to pull people in I should concentrate first on the songs that are the most fun to do.


I meet with the studio owner Thursday night to talk about the best time to have a regular class. We had the participants in Saturday's demo fill out forms indicating when they might most like to go to a class. We may even decide on having more than one, which I would be thrilled with. I just pray people actually show up.

Did I say that already?

I really beat myself up about how I did. I need to stop. I subbed a class for Tina on Monday morning, and I told them a little about my demo, without going into too much detail since it's kind of a competing class I guess, and I told them they were in for it that morning because I felt like I had something to prove. :)

We ended up having the best class I've ever given. We did something like 16 songs in the hour-long class, just going nonstop, sweating up a storm. The energy was amazing. When we were about to start I asked, like I always do, if there were any people there who'd never taken Zumba before and there were none! so I took that as liberty to just bust it out. :) Some people I didn't recognize came in a little late, but no one had any trouble keeping up. That class is so great--Tina, if you're reading, I'll sub that class for you any day! :)

Today was actually the sixth day in a row that I've taught a class.

I've already said that.


So, yeah. And I teach one demo and one class tomorrow, and my normal class Thursday night. The demo tomorrow is for the mothers' group that meets at my church. We're having a gym day tomorrow instead of our normal meeting, since it's February vacation and all the older kids are off school. Then the second class tomorrow is for the Stoughton JCC (plug plug), this absolutely gorgeous facility that I may start teaching a regular class at soon. If I can find a chink in the schedule. I taught a few songs at their demo on Sunday and there were fifty-freakin-something people in the room. I've never taught for a group that big--my Y class doesn't hold more than 20 or so people, and that's pretty tight. Oh and the other two instructors are brand new. They did some older songs, and did a great job.

OK, I'm off to do some laundry--gotta make sure the UFOs are clean for tomorrow, and at this rate I'm going to wear holes in them soon--and email my friend Lee.

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