Wednesday, February 13, 2008

cruddy day

Is it cruddy where you are? It's cruddy where I am. It snowed all night--enough for a two-hour school delay, which I never even heard of when I was growing up. It was either school or no school. And now it's raining and flooded. Blech. I tried taking the girls to the library to pick up some vegan! cookbooks! and a book by Anne Lamott that I have on hold but we got there, I parked on the street (the only option at the library), and couldn't get to the sidwalk without wading through nearly knee-deep water. So we just went home. For a bookworm like me, being so close to the library without being able to go was so painful! ;)

Also ix-nayed were any plans I had to go to the gym. I'm trying to get back into weight training. I hate it. It's not hateful in itself--I actually enjoy competing against myself, always getting stronger--but it's tedious and time consuming and not entirely fun. I guess what I'm saying is it's not Zumba...but really, what else is. ;)

Bus-stop time...
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