Tuesday, February 05, 2008

because i know you are so curious...

Hey, you know what happens when you decide to go vegan so you go for a month without eating any meat or eggs or fish or chicken or dairy or anything like that and give up other bad stuff like soda and sugar and then one day you get really really hungry only there isn't anything in the house that you can eat because you need to go food shopping only you can't go food shopping because the baby is sleeping and you think your stomach is going to implode from hunger so you eat some rice but it's not enough so you pop some almond slivers in there and it's still not enough so you say "screw it" and just eat an entire single-size Pizza Hut Hawaiian-style pizza with tons of cheese and ham and wash it down with a ginormous cupcake leftover from your kid's birthday and a diet coke??

You get really sick.

Sick enough to know that next time? Your stomach can just go ahead and wait until the rest of you gets to the grocery store.


*edited to add--OOoH! I just thought of a great song to play at my funeral!! You know that song by Pink, where she's singing, "IIIIIIiiiiiiiiii'm coming up so you better get this party started!" That's what song needs to play at my funeral so all of heaven knows to get ready. ;)
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