Sunday, January 27, 2008

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So...has anyone seen the new infomercial? I keep missing it! The next Guthy Renker listing is for 6:30 tomorrow morning, so I'll be up with the birds. Someone get me a soy latte, pronto! What? Starbucks doesn't deliver? The heck, man!

That's not what I came here to write about. I wanted to talk about chocolate!!! So, I gave up everything animal-derived, right? And at first I was all scared, like Oh NOES, that means I can't eat chocolate cuz chocolate has cocoa butter and butter comes from milk and milk comes from cows!

Yeah, I know. I'm a dork.

BUT! The good news is that cocoa butter does NOT come from cows, and while milk chocolate has, as the name would suggest, milk in it, dark chocolate--which I love and which is so yummy and good for you and antioxidizing--does not. At least I'm pretty sure it doesn't. And if it does, don't tell me, OK? Oh, and the verdict is still out on white chocolate, which isn't even really chocolate. I have to go look that up.

Where was I? Oh yeah. So I've been eating the occasional dark chocolate, which makes my mouth happy and almost makes me forget about things like cheese and yogurt and honey and PIZZA and all those other things that, while not really tempting to me now that I know more about them and how they're made and how they affect the human body, still smell and taste so stinkin good. Mmmm.....*drool* carried away for a second. :)

I wanted to tell you about one particular bar I tried that I was so happy about. It's by Theo Chocolate and it's called Coconut Curry. Now, I love coconut and coconut milk and I don't really love curry but me encanta chocolate that's spicy so I had to have it. Unfortunately, I had already eaten half of it before realizing it was milk chocolate, the stuff I'm not supposed to be eating. Fortunately, my guilt was assuaged by the fact that a) I had already eaten half of it and wasn't exactly going to vomit up a chocolate bar for a little milk and b) it's all-good: organic and fair-trade certified, which gives me the warm-fuzzies. Sooo I finished it. :) It was fantabulous. OMG--just the right amount of spice and chocolate; I dare say it was so good as to be an aphrodisiac. Just ask my husband, who had the good fortune of welcoming me home right as I finished eating it. ;D

What else?

Oh yeah! I emailed a bunch of friends about the free Zumba demo and I think I may end up having a pretty good response. I also made up some cards to hand out at work. I can't wait. I hope I have so many people show up at the studio that the owner offers me ten classes a week. :)
My instructor friend Tina is nasty-sick, so I took her class on Saturday and will take her tomorrow-morning one as well. I feel kind of bad--I called her and was all, "Oh, honey, are you feeling better? No? Oh, poor thing, you need me to cover your class?!?!?!??!?!?!?"

Oh, and I was looking at my feet today while I was at work. To be more specific, I was staring at my dance sneakers--my Nike Shox O-Drive. I LOVE them, (heart) them even, but I put so many miles on them--I can barely stand to take them off because they make me feel like the Super Cool Zumba Instructor that I am--that I think it may be time for new ones sooner than I might expect. Here's what I want:

Mmmm, Nike Shox Q'Vida. This color combo is only on ebay, so they're probably stolen off the back of some truck somewhere, but I lurve them. Just one more thing on my very extensive Zumba wishlist, which, of course, includes a certain DVD set from a certain infomercial (broken record anyone?)...

Ooh, crap, it's late, I need to go to bed if I'm going to get up for that infomercial, and cover the class, and I haven't even gotten the kids' clothes ready or anything.

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