Tuesday, January 15, 2008

reunited and it feels so good

So I'm back to teaching. I cannot even tell you how good it feels to be back! I taught this morning, last night, last Thursday night, took a class Saturday, taught last Monday night, filled in for someone the Saturday before that...that's six classes in eleven days and I feel great! :)

And oooooh, my UFOs. I LOVE them. I've worn them to three classes this week and they're so comfy. The zipper kept falling down on my purple ones last night--that was fun--but wow I love them. And I feel super cool walking around the grocery store in my instructor getup: UFOs, dance sneakers, head scarf, "Zumba Instructor" jacket... ;) hehe

I have to tell you, because I was so happy and I said I would, that the customer service at was so great. I got one style of UFOs from there for Christmas and they were way too small. Beautiful, but too small. I might have kissed them goodbye. Anyway--we were a little nervous that they wouldn't take them back because my hubby bought them way before Christmas, being the prepared little dobee that he is, and the return policy is like 30 days or something but they took 'em back! No problem! Exchanged them for the unisex style, but those were GINORMOUS so then exchanged them again for the girly basic. I figured, "No way are they going to do it--they'll just send them back with a note saying it's been too long." Nope! I got my girly basics in just two days. So the moral of the story is if you're looking for comfy, funky Zumba pants, get yourself some UFOs from Girly hipster if you're...smaller than me...and girly basic if you're...not. ;) They are fabuloso.

Eesh. I'm so sore. We did my routine for Salio el Sol--the routine that I love and that I was supposed to enter for the choreography contest but never did--last night and this morning and I'm hella sore in the shoulders. Sore in a good way, of course. ;)

Ooh! After class today--this wouldn't have happened last night because I was way off my game for some reason like maybe oh I dunno all those (ahem non-vegan and sugar-filled) cookies I ate--some women came up and said they had so much fun that they were definitely coming back next week. Zumba has hooked another one! ;) I love that feeling like maybe I helped make a difference to someone by introducing them to Zumba.

I know I hate thinking of where I'd be if I had never come across it, if I had never taken that first class. I'd probably weigh 300 pounds, for one thing. I was so nervous, too, and scared to get in there and just do it. So lesson number 2 for today! Just do it! ;) Don't be scared! Be bold! Look at me! 20 pounds down and an instructor, getting paid to have fun! And people really notice the change--I get positive comments all the time.

Oh that reminds me. Last night I was on my way to class and my hubby asked if I was "teaching or having fun." I looked at him like he really should know this by now and said, "Same thing!" :)

OK, I'm off to take a nap play guitar hero do something productive. In the meantime, wanna see something scary? Here ya go!:

Yeah, that's me about a year and a half ago, at about 185. Just another example of how very very thankful I am for Zumba. *shudderr* And that there is my daughter Jo, rockin' the rock wall. I would have showed her how it's done but I think the wall woulda come down. ;)
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