Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new zumba infomercial!

OK people, listen up! This weekend is the debut of the new Zumba infomercial with the brand new, totally rockin DVDs. You've got to tune in! Go to your cable box and search for "Zumba" or "Guthy Renker" (which is the production company who did the infomercials; they're big in the infomercial world, I guess. They did ProActiv.) and TiVo! and watch it! and buy it!

Here's some preview videos; you're gonna love it:

(and Zumbadoras, see how many big names you can spot! Beto, Tanya, Gina, Asuka, Koh...)

(mmmm, Beto fix...)

You can buy the new DVDs from if you miss the infomercial. Also, check out This is huge! I can't wait!
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