Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Hey look, I'm still here! :) Happy new year!

I haven't been in much mood to write lately. (You: "Obviously!") Between Christmas and New Years, and everyone in my family getting sick, including me, the computer has been collecting dust in the corner. (I'm sorry computer. I still love you. Just not as much as my family. Or my sleep. But more than my housework.)

Hey, I have news! My first new year's resolution: I've gone vegan! <----seriously, check out that link to's definitions of vegan. You'll crack up. Just don't spend all day there; that site will suck you in and spit you out 24 hours later, in a complete daze about where the last day has gone. ;) So, yeah, me a vegan! Who'd'a thunk? I never would have believed it either--the way I saw it, God put animals on this earth in part so we could eat them. But! The more I looked into it the more I learned that this is not actually the case (God gave Adam and Eve plants to eat, and only gave over the animals after Noah and the flood left the vegetation seriously depleted-go look it up!) and that meat, dairy, eggs, and all that are making us fat and giving us cancer and other diseases, not to mention rotting in our guts, which, as it happens, are ill-suited for processing meat stuff. And of course there is the terrible treatment that the animals endure. Now, I'm no huge animal lover. I like them OK, but I'll take people over animals every time. Just the way I roll. But even if you hate animals, you can't watch the videos I've watched or read the stories I've read on what happens to the animals raised for food without coming away thinking, "I don't want to eat that!"

On one of the websites I visited there was a quote from some guy, I don't know who, I have such a bad memory, that said something about how if factory farms and slaughterhouses had glass walls, we'd all be vegetarians.

I won't go into details here--I'm no nazi-vegan or whatever they're called, but let me say this: look into it for yourself. Make your own decisions about what you want to put in your body. Find out who is telling us what is good for us, and what interests they have stakes in that might influence the info they're shoving down our throats.

Oh, and this too: since going vegan about a week and a half ago, I have never felt better. I've also lost four pounds, but that's probably got just as much to do with the "no sugar, no soda, no coffee, more exercise" thing. I had a cold, and it lasted all of a day and a half.

OK, so enough about that for now. I'll probably be talking about it a lot--new products and recipes I've tried, that sort of thing. But moving on...

My next new year's resolution was to make less of an impact on the environment. Not much to say about that: bring my cloth bags to the grocery store. Drink my water and tea out of travel mugs and bottles. Take fewer baths, although I don't like bathing in our dinky tub anyway.

And my third resolution is my favorite: throw myself a huge birthday bash! I'm turning 30, and I want a gigantic, festive, fun party...with lots of Zumba, of course! I've got about six months to plan. I can't wait!

So how bout you? Made any new year's resolutions?

OH, before I forget, guess what?! I'm back to teaching!! I subbed a class last Saturday morning and another last night. I was supposed to sub this morning but Bek woke up sick and miserable. She's been sick for a week and a half, and I thought she was finally better, but apparently not. Anyone want a cranky, snotty, coughing, moody, screaming one-year-old? Cuz I have one. I'd like to trade her back in for the sweet loving model, but I don't know what she's done with her.
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