Monday, January 28, 2008

get well soon! but...not TOO soon...

I just got back from subbing two back-to-back Zumba classes. They went really well. The second was a very basic beginner Zumba class I subbed for my boss on the fly, when her original sub came in all sick and begged me to take it or she was going to cancel.

We did some stuff from the soundtrack to the old DVD set, so it was old-school Zumba. Still lots of fun, still a pretty good workout. The girls were in childwatch the whole time, and except for a quick run to the vending machines to ply them with snacks for an extra hour, everything was fine there. I always wonder what the instructors do if one of their kids needs a diaper change in the middle of class. I should probably ask...

Whoops, gotta go--my good friend Kat, who I never ever ever get to see, is on her way over!
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