Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OK, we all know how great I am at sticking to a diet (insert maniacal laughter here). But since I broke my foot two weeks ago I have been eating nonstop and all I can think of is how by the time I start teaching again I am going to be a bloated cow. And I really wanted to be smaller for my studio class in January, not bigger, y'know?!

So, even though it is going to be a huge drag, I am going to put a little section in the sidebar where I record every frigging thing that goes in my mouth. Every Hershey's Kiss with Caramel Filling. Every pumpkin bagel with cream cheese. Every gingerbread man, woman, and child. Ideally, the thought of having to post it all up there will discourage me from eating that kind of junk. But let's face it--if you see me posting nothing but tea and lettuce leaves day in and day out, you can be pretty sure I'm full of crap. So do me a huge favor and keep me accountable, OK? Nobody likes a fat, puffy, sugar-crashing, grumpy Zumba instructor. ;)

Speaking of food, I'm eating my "last meal" right now. How many times have I done that--pigged out on junk food the night before starting a diet? It's so ridiculous. And I'm soooo stuffed. Bleeeeeh.

Hm...there was something else I wanted to write about. I'm sure of it. Hey! Only 8 more days until my next podiatrist appointment, at which point the doctor will take an x-ray and declare me miraculously healed!!! ;) I feel pretty good. Working 8 hours on my feet sucks, but that's only on Saturdays, with another 6 hours on Sundays. The rest of the week I only work 4 hours, and most of those are spent leaning on the counter playing Sudoku waiting for someone to come in, or sitting on my butt watching TV in the breakroom. And when I'm home I rest as much as possible, cram in some chores a half hour before work, and things seem to be OK. So, I'm praying for a miraculous recovery that defies precedence. :)

OK, I'm off to get some lovely healing sleep, and to digest the massive amount of carbs I just ingested in the name of pre-diet indulgence. Gah.


Ack!! I'm such a dunce!! I meant to tell you!! They extended the date for the choreography contest entry!! So I get to heal better before I go trying to dance on my gimp foot! Yayyyy!!! Now I have until the last day of the year to get my entry in, and I am veeery case you couldn't tell from all the exclamation points. ;)
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