Monday, November 19, 2007

sore. and excited. and sore.

OK, so like you saw in the pictures, yesterday was the big Workshop With Tanya.

All I have to say is, my class is in SO much trouble.

Oh, and ow.

Tanya totally kicked all our butts. It rocked. At the end of the day we sat down to fill out the class evaluations and I just collapsed all over the floor, like a big puddle of me.

Oh, and when I got there, one of my students was there! We had talked about what it takes to teach Zumba a few weeks ago. I'm so excited she decided to go for it! Go Maggie Go Maggie Go!

I could have seriously done without the "group work" (gag choke gag) but it wasn't nearly as painful as it was in my first workshop. And I have to tell you, people, Tanya is SO freakin cute! And so freakin good at what she does! I came away very sore, but also very inspired to be a better instructor. I wish I knew more of the songs she played, so I could just bust it out, but hey, I can do that on my own time. I did get pulled to the front for a couple of songs. That was cool. [The dirty looks I got from the only other ZIN instructors there, who were next to me? ("What are you doing here?!") Not cool. ]

So yeah. My class. In trouble. Notice has been given.

In case you were interested, this is a wicked time to be part of the Zumba family. We learned about some great stuff that the company has in store for 2008. Um, I'm not going to tell you everything, because you're just gonnna have to wait and behold the awesomeness for yourself, but lemme just say Zumba is not going away anytime soon.

One of my very favorite new things is the way they're changing the training workshops. The way it is now, anyone who goes to a workshop and stays for the whole thing gets a certificate of completion, which gives them the right to teach. But starting next year you will actually be tested, by a panel of three ZESs, to prove that you know what you're doing, and that you're not going to go home and start a Zumba class that isn't really Zumba. Like, a step class disguised as Zumba, or whatever. It'll be huge for protecting the Zumba brand so we can stick around. Because let's face it--while you may be a great person, and a great step instructor or a great spin instructor or a great person-off-the-street, you might not be right for teaching Zumba. Or it might not be right for you. Or whatever.

So after yesterday's workshop I fell much more prepared to do my own choreography (remember? we mentioned? I suck?) which reminds me I still don't have a digital camcorder. Anyone got one? Anyone? I have a contest to enter, people!

Alright, I'm going. I'm taking Tina's class in, oh, four hours, and while all I really want to do is sleep, I know Tina would never forgive me if I'm not there to tell her about yesterday's class. So I'm already dressed, I've got my new Zumbafied shirt on, I'm drinking some tea (gotta hydrate gotta hydrate gotta hydrate), I'm good to go.

But first? A nap. Hey, I got up all early to post this for you! I'm going to limp back to bed now.
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