Thursday, November 15, 2007

snape, snape, severus snape, dumbledore!*


I get to sub for my new boss's Zumba class this Tuesday and next Tuesday!'s at 9 am.

And it's at least 20 minutes away.

Not counting the time it takes to get the kids in childwatch.

And Jo doesn't get on the bus here until 8:35.

I can make it, I can make it, I can make it, I can make it....

In other news--I'm starting another junk food fast.

I'm just not sure when.

My original plan was tomorrow. I made sure I had enough food planned out for a few days, until I go grocery shopping again. I bought lots of yummy eggs for breakfast with enough peppers, onions, jalapenos and shredded cheddar for lots of yummy omelets. I bought lots of yummy organic soup with names like squash soup and carrot cashew ginger soup for lunch. I even bought yummy Clif bars to eat after my workouts. They are organic and have no refined sugar, just a lot of cane juice and stuff like that.

I even pigged out on enough junk food tonight to make myself sick.

Well, OK, that wasn't really part of the plan. That was just me being stupid and impulsive and gluttonous. Yeah.

Anyway, tomorrow hubby and I are having a little mini date to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary (aww) and he wants to order Chinese food.

Yum. I love me some Chinese food. But it isn't exactly healthy stuff, y'know?

Maybe I'll pick up the menu from the local Thai place. Slightly healthier, and with the track record from the Chinese places around here, most likely better tasting. Mmm, Thai food.

Oh, and then I'm getting together with my sister and brother for coffee Saturday morning. That shouldn't be too bad. But then I'm going to my sister's potluck dinner that night, and I'm supposed to bring dessert from work. And my work makes dang good desserts.

And then there's Thanksgiving.

And then there's Christmas.

OK, OK, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. One thing at a time. That's why this blog is called if not now: it's all about taking things one decision at a time, right? Right. OK. I can do this.

Thai food tomorrow.

Some kind of nasty dessert I don't like for Saturday night. Hey, they do exist--I'm not crazy about anything too apple-y or too lemon-y, so we'll go with those.

For now, I'm off to get some sleep.

Did I mention? Four days until my workshop with Tanya?!

This Tanya?!

This Tanya?!!?!

Girl is smokin hot, and I need to be able to keep up!!

...Sleep, eat, vitamins, exercise. Sleep, eat, exercise, vitamins...

*I've got this stuck in my head now.
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