Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I went to the "other" Y today to take the class taught by my new boss:
  • I was late. Big surprise there! The class was at 9, and I can never get to my own Y for the 9 o'clock Zumba class without being 15 minutes late. I don't know what I was thinking would be any different here.
  • Bek was totally fascinated by the people working out in the cardio/nautilus room. I couldn't get her to move! She just wanted to sit there, watching the people on the elliptical machines and stuff, all stinkin morning. I had to drag her to childwatch.
  • Finally got to class. The instructor, aka my boss, seems like such a sweetie! But her class is a lot different than I am used to. It's still good. It's just very reminiscent of other aerobic classes you've been too. When I'm working out, I want to forget I am working out. I don't want to be reminded by anything that would be at home in a step class or something. Turn up the music, and let me dance. And oh! She was off the music, which bugs meeeeee. But that's just a matter of my own control issues, so we'll let that one slide. ;)
  • I finally got warmed up and was getting into it when the childwatch workers brought Bek down. She pooped. Haven't we been through this before? You don't poop when mommy's in Zumba class! I just don't understand these kids, they don't listen. :)
So anyway, that was the end of class for me. I got Bek changed, we grabbed Devy, and then came home for a snack and some videos. It's one of those days--pouring out, gloomy and dark--where you just want to curl up with a book and a hot beverage in a cozy mug and vege all day. So if you'll excuse me, that's just what I'm off to do.

P.S. So far so good on the no-junk-food redux.
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