Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ever get the impression that Zumba is ALL i talk about?!

Just a quick little post--I taught one class and went to another today and I'm a little sore and in desperate need of another shower. :)

The other day I passed a brand-new dance studio on the main street near my house. I thought, "Hm, wonder if they'd want to add a Zumba class?" So today after Tina's class I stopped in. The woman seemed really receptive; said there were a lot of people asking about the availability of Zumba classes, asked about rates, how many people, stuff like that, and said she'd call me after the holiday weekend. EEe! She asked how often I'd want to hold a class: once a week, twice, as much as I could. I said I'd love to do as many as I could get! :)

Tina and I talked for a long time after class. She wanted to hear about Tanya's workshop, and we talked about developments in Zumba, the upcoming stuff I told you about last post. We mentioned how if we could open a StudioZumba, that would be a dream come true. We both know we've been called to do this, so that would just rock.

One woman came up to talk and at first we were happy to see her. She was telling us about an Afro-Brazilian dance class at one of the local colleges and we were gushing about how badly we want to go. Especially since it's, like, free and stuff. But then she started knocking Zumba a little, in that nice way, like you only know she's talking trash if you listen to what she's saying, not how she's saying it, y'know? Saying Zumba is controversial, this big corporate conglomorate making money off half-assed versions of traditional rhythms without giving credit to those cultures, and messing with the rhythms in the meantime. That put me in full-on defense mode! Tina mentioned how Beto, the guy who started Zumba, is from Columbia himself. Still ramped up on Zumba juice from the workshop this weekend, I told her Zumba is a fusion of dance and fitness, and isn't supposed to be just dance. You don't wanna go politicizing Zumba. Not to me. Not right after a workshop with Tanya! ;)

OK, I'm off. Gotta soak, or something. ;)
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