Wednesday, October 17, 2007

mmmmm, sugar...

Er...I have a confession to make. I broke my 40-day junk food fast right around day 23, and I've been eating "whatever" for the last week or so. Which kind of sucks because if I'd kept at it, I'd be at day 30 now. Whatever.

Good news is, I've realized that I feel and look much better when I'm not eating junk food all the time. (Revelation!! And there was a light shining from the heavens with much angels rejoicing...) Hey I never said I was bright. ;) So I'm making a deal with my family: I am not buying junk food from the grocery store anymore. No cookies for school snack. No fruit roll-ups. No juice. No after-dinner ice cream. And in exchange, I will take the family out once a week for a treat of some sort.

I don't really want to have to do this. I'd much rather be able to have the junk in the house for a sometime-treat. But when it's here, it's the easiest thing to grab. And it's being grabbed way too often, and not just by me.

I expect something of a rebellion. My dear, sweet hubby grew up on crap and I know he's not going to take this well. Especially about the juice. "What's wrong with juice?" he says. Nothing--unless the kids are drinking it all the time when they should be drinking water.

This is a really hard decision for me. The way I grew up was much like hubby. We always had cookies and ice cream and juice in the house. And additional treats were how we socialized--ice cream cones with dad, coffee and donuts at the mall with mom, cake for special occasions. Even now when my sister, brother, and I get together, it's always over food. Food = love in my experience, so saying "no" to having this stuff around feels like I'm denying my family something they enjoy. But really, loving them means keeping them healthy and teaching them healthy habits. I wish we could just keep treats in the house as part of our normal eating habits, but since we can't...I'm thinking this is the way to go.

The other thing that helped me with this decision is that I can't afford all the healthy food--fruit, salad, fresh chicken, all that good stuff--on top of the junk. Either I buy all good food, or I buy junk and we end up eating Chef Boyardee for dinner. Something's gotta give. We're straining our budget to the limit with the groceries lately, and I need a way out.

That's the reasoning I'm feeding my budget-minded hubby the next time he grumps about no Coke in the fridge, anyway...


In other news...I got my new dance sneakers in the mail today!!! I got them off ebay and only paid for them two days ago, and I wasn't expecting them for another week. But now I'll have them for class tomorrow! YAY! ;)

Here they are, in the picture I stole from the ebay guy just to show you:

They are Nike Shox O-Drive dance sneakers. I wanted white but now that they're here I love them. They're a little lighter than they look in the picture--I thought they were black and hot pink but really there more like charcoal and medium pink. Still cute though. And comfy!
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