Tuesday, October 02, 2007

junk-food fast: day frikkin 12 or something

It's almost 1:30 am, and I'm still wide awake.

Diet Rockstar. You drink that stuff, you can go 3, maybe 4 days straight. Freakin crazy.

Anyway...I am getting very frustrated.

We have a very strict budget here in the If Not Now household. We're paying off debt, saving for a house, all that good stuff, so it's all for a good cause. But it makes grocery shopping a royal PIA. Seriously! You try buying for a husband who refuses to eat any kind of health food, three kids who eat like kids and need school snacks, juice boxes, and the occasional treat, and yourself, especially when you're trying to lose weight, and you do it on a budget, and I swear your sanity will start to ebb.

I don't really know what else to say about that. (Hey, gimme a break, it's way past bedtime here.) How do you save on groceries? And don't give me the grocery game crap--I have no time or patience for any of that. You know what I mean--those people who clip coupons and pour over the sales fliers so they can match the coupons to the sales, then buy up the entire stock so the next, normal, person to shop can't get a single one. I always love hearing about the people who walk out of the grocery store with a cartful of stuff for 20 bucks but that would never be me, right?!

I mean, I guess on one hand, I'm not eating as much so I don't really spend money on my food. But I have to buy the kids' school snacks in pre-portioned bags--no ziploc baggies here!--so the teachers can make sure nobody brings contraband peanut-contaminated food, and that's expensive! And hubby needs lunchmeat but I would like him to stick around for a few years so I try to buy the healthier (more expensive!!) stuff as opposed to, say, pimento loaf. And snacks. And treats. And meat for dinner, because you know, it's not dinner if there isn't some kind of meat. And holy crap three kids eat a lot of dinner! Oh and apparently because I want to do so much crazy Zumbando and not go into starvation mode (another possible reason I've been so worn out lately) I should be taking some kind of protein shakes twice a day on top of my meals and if you want the stuff that isn't loaded with sugar you're going to payyyyy for it. I practically have to buy one set of groceries for hubby and kids, and one for me because while I think this stuff is healthy and yummy and wholesome, my family just thinks it's inedible to an extent practically bordering on unAmerican.

Some weeks we need a lot of "other" stuff that still has to come out of that grocery money, like laundry detergent and deodorant and shampoo and whatnot. So those weeks we have less fruit, less chicken, less fresh veggies, and more spaghetti, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers. Tell me how I'm supposed to raise a healthy family like this?!

OK whatever, I'm done talking about that.

I measured myself the other day and nearly choked when I saw what it said. In a good way. My hips are now down to what they were four years ago--for the first time. I'm still not fitting into some of my old clothes from back then, so I guess I'm carrying the weight a little differently (the joy of having kids and getting older, yay!) but still, I couldn't believe it. So exciting! And the other day at work a girl seemed to be jealous of me for her husband! That was really weird.

We should get a new Zumba set--music CD and choreography DVD--soon, woohoo!! I can't wait, although the thought of trading out some of my stuff from the last one just doesn't compute. I really need to get some more classes just so I can play all my favorite music. Every song that comes on, I say, "You'll love this one, it's fun!!" Haha, I'm such a dork!

My brain is staring to fuzz out so I'm headed back to bed. More Zumba tomorrow after bible study, and on Wednesday I'm thinking of skipping the mothers' group that I do the newsletter for just so I can try out another instructor's class. Did I mention her before?? I might have--she was at the Master Class I went to at a nearby Y and she had a really high-intensity, nonstop, fun routine so I wanna go. Plus I ran into a fellow Zumbadora in the grocery store last week and she said the class rocks. Plus my mothers' group is spending that meeting talking about how to cook once for the whole month and freeze it all--boring!! Although maybe it will give me some insight into the grocery dilemma.

Gee, the things I never thought I'd be concerned about before I had kids and became all domesticated and stuff. Gag. ;)
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