Friday, October 05, 2007

drink more water!

Ugh...I have a Zumba hangover today.

You'd think by my fifth class (fifth? I think so...) I'd remember to drink water all day.


So now I have that stiff-neck, vise-grip-around-the-temples hangover headache.

But hey! Class was superfun! :)

And I have great news, thanks to my pal and fellow zumba instructor Lee--she pointed out that, according to our messageboard, my favoritest Zumbadora, Tanya B. (she of the video I posted a while back) choreographed our next ZIN (Zumba Instructors Network) DVD.

So that means it's totally gonna rock! I'm so excited! But yet, still so hungover! So, I'm excited on the inside, while remaining as still as possible on the outside.


What was I saying? Yeah, so class was fun. A really good workout. You know, all you people out there looking for a workout? Especially you--you who do not like to work out but know you should? I dare you to try Zumba. Go to the Zumba website and use the Geolocator to find an insructor near you. And if there aren't any, click on "products" (or on ebay) and order the DVDs.

Oh! That reminds me! There is going to be a new DVD set soon! With new infomercials!! Now, I am not a huge infomercial fan, but I AM a huge Zumba fan, so I'll make an exception and watch the new infomercials when they come out. I hope they are on at decent times, and not just at 3am when you're supposed to be sleeping but you can't so you get up and turn on the tube and vege in front of it and then buy whatever is on there because your sleep-deprived brain can't perform higher decision-making skills so you just grab the credit card and the phone and when they say "would you also like to order such-and-such for three payments of $99.99?" you say "Sure!"


I'm going to bed.

PS...It is now junk food fast day seventeen. Only 23 days to go. I'm praying it won't even matter by then.
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