Monday, September 17, 2007

You know how, whatever your profession, if you care about what you do, there is someone who does what you do, better than you do it, because they're more experienced/more talented/whatever, and that person is an inspiration for you in how you do your thing?

This is Tanya B. She is my very favoritest zumbadora:

I don't know what it is that makes her that ideal mentor-type--something about her style, and every time I watch her I am struck by how body-aware she is. The thought that always comes to mind is, "...she always knows where her hands are,"--y'know, in relation to her body. She's not just flailing around, I guess. Plus, she can mueve la colita like nobody's business! ;)

Anyway, she is coming to NY state. Not super-duper close to me, but close enough considering I thought I'd have to go to Florida to take a class with her. But yeah, she's coming to NY this fall to lead a certification and I have to be there! I would so love to be able to learn from her. I've been trying to take different classes in my area from different instructors to get a feel for how different people teach, but if I could take Tanya's certification class? That would rock. It would be like a real estate guy taking a class from The Donald.

Or something. ;)

So...I'm saving up my money. Gonna buy me some nice new Zumba shoes and some UFO pants...cuz thats what Tanya wears! ;) Then I'm gonna try to registere before it sells out, and then I'm gonna figure out how to get off a weekend day from work.

Or call in sick, if it comes to that. Hey, we're talking Zumba vs. my j-o-b. I have priorities. ;)

In other news...

I am putting myself on a junk-food fast.

No, that's not a diet of all junk food. That would be a fun junk-food fast. We're talking the opposite here, sadly. No junk food. For 40 days. I've got to wean myself off the stuff.

I don't know what it is, man! Since I started getting serious about Zumba, taking four or five classes a week, I didn't really have such an appetite for the junky stuff. Here and there I'd have a treat, but it was just that--a treat. An extra.

Lately? It seems to be my main food group! It started out with a piece of chocolate here and there, then more , then more, and now I'm eating crap almost constantly. Truffles, candy bars, fast food, milk shakes, ice cream...

So while I don't plan on giving up junk food totally for very long--I'm not really an advocate of denial as diet plan--I do think that a short fast is in order. I just have to get this crap out of my system so I stop feeling like it's a necessary every-day thing. I've been so sluggish and tired lately. Gee, y'think?! ;)

Tomorrow is day one.

Tonight this pint of Vermonty Python and I are saying a long, sweet goodbye.
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