Saturday, September 01, 2007

workout clothes

Let's talk workout clothes. Specifically, what you wear to work out when you're not a size 4. Even more specifically, what you wear to work out when you're an instructor and you're not (yet? hehe) a size 4.

When I first started Zumbando a year ago I wore big baggy pants and big baggy t-shirts. Then I realized I felt a little better about myself if I wore closer-fitting clothes, so as I got a little smaller I started wearing loose-fitting workout pants and a close-fitting tank top. Usually all-black, to better conceal the rolls. :) I wasn't crazy about people being able to see my arms, but it was the compromise I made--either swim (and sweat!) in a huge tee or be cool(er) in a tank.

Then as I got a little smaller I went for even closer-fitting clothes and was feeling pretty good about myself. I mean, I sure don't go out in public in my workout clothes but they were cute enough for the gym. And I ventured out of the world of all-black and into color. I think that stemmed from my increasing body confidence and my excitement at getting certified, getting a job, all that.

Then...teaching all took a biiiiiiig dive! Ugh, I wore what I usually wear but I was in front of everyone, and right in front of the mirror, and yuck, my self-confidence went south with a quickness. I think it's back to the all-black for a while.

Is there anything out there that is a little more flattering for us instructors who need our students to be able to tell how we're moving--not so easy if we're swimming in huge clothes--but not be turned off by the sight of us shakin' it in skimpy clothes? Bleh.

I just need a pair or two (or three) of these:

Mmmm...UFOs. These, and some Zumba tees, and some dance sneakers, pretty much make up my entire Christmas wish list this year.
I wonder if they come in an XL. ;)
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