Friday, September 07, 2007

thursday night zumba

So my first class of my very own was last night.

It. Was. Awesome!!

Everyone seemed to have a great time, there were a lot of familiar faces from other classes, and therre was a lot of energy going on.

There was a really great song that I'd been practicing nonstop for three days in an effort to bring something special to my class and I totally rocked it! That made my night; after that there was no stopping me. :) And my instructor friend Tina stayed even after having just taught cycling for an hour. Girl's gonna waste away to nothing one day, I tell ya. :)

People kept stopping by the class to peek in on their way to the Nautilus room, and one woman came in after stopping to peek. Zumba, man, I tell ya. It sells itself!

I felt really good; I bought an outfit I looked good in, the lighting in the room and the sound system in the room I'm in now are superior to the other (bigger, darn) room, and there were like 10 or 15 people there.

SO much fun.

I really need to gett insurance though. So I can go teach outside the Y for anyone who wants to come in. I need to share this with everyone! ;)
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