Tuesday, September 25, 2007

that? that's just the sound of my legs crying

I had a great, very active weekend. I went to a retreat up in NH. They fed us well--lots of salad and grains and fruit and stuff, I had NO problem sticking with my junk food fast--and I got lots of exercise. Not only is the campground extremely hilly (UP down UP down UP down--my thighs are killing me) but there was a rock wall (I rocked it, haha) archery and rifle ranges, volleyball until 1 am, and oh yeah, Zumba!!

OK, I know I'm supposed to leave work home on things like this, but c'mon, we're talking Zumba here!

I wore my instructor jacket all weekend and finally my bunkmates asked what it was so I told them. They asked if I would show them so I got out the CD player and music that I just happened to have in my car and we had an impromptu mini Zumba class in our cabin. They loved it! So that night, after evening festivities were over, we played volleyball and then Zumba'd some more! They liked it so much that I think we might even have a new instructor or two on our hands!

Then yesterday, on roughly 5 total hours of sleep for the weekend, I took Tina's Zumba class and then tried taking a new Gliding class after that. Yeah, the gliding class lasted like 10 minutes before I had to leave. You're standing on these little circles that let you slide around on the hardwood floor, and then you're doing lunges (upon lunges upon lunges) to the front to the side to the back, all while using hand weights.

SO. Sore.

Speaking of Zumba, I got an offer to take over a class from a woman who was teaching but is now going back to work full time. I emailed her back saying (Yes! Yes!!) I would take it but unfortunately she had offered it to several other women too and someone else responded before I could. Dang. It would have been at a rec center in a nearby town, and it would have roughly three times what I get for my class at the Y. But I guess the full time job that she is taking is as fitness coordinator at one of the other nearby Ys so if she needs an instructor there, she'll call. Sigh...I really wanted it. But maybe this is just the inspiration I needed to get myself out there and market myself.

Time to go--I've got to get the girls off the bus.
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