Tuesday, September 04, 2007

my class starts in two days!!!

OK so I subbed for another instructor's class last Thursday and today (today's went sooo much better, by the way...I didn't say "oops" once!), but these have been practice. My very own class is on Thursday night.

That's two days away!!

I've spend every possible free moment on my first class, making up a playlist, learning new songs and choreography (like the song I just took a break to practice because it just came up in the playlist I'm listening to as I type--I just did the whole thing all the way through without looking for the first time and only messed up once!!), and practicing practicing practicing.

I have become a car dancer. Hey, I've gotta squeeze it in where I can!

I want to prepare a class that's my own, rather than a carbon copy of anyone else's Zumba class, which is a bit of a danger for me, having attended the same classes for the last year. I want my class to be as nonstop as possible, rather than have lots of breaks in between to explain choreography to the class. I know that's what people are used to in aerobics class but Zumba is so different. You gotta feel the music. Zumba baby. And I want lots of reggaeton and neo-classic stuff mixed in with the classic, cultural stuff.

I'm also going to start dragging my rear end out of bed extra early on Saturdays to take classes at some of the other Ys in the area--they've got some great instructors I want to learn from.

My hubby laughed when he came in to say goodnight and I was on YouTube, searching for more and more videos of new songs and choreography.

"Don't you ever quit?" he says.

"I'm a professional!" I say. "I must be forever learning!" :)

I hope I get a good young crowd Thursday night. I want my class to be a party. Like we say in Zumba: "Ditch the workout. Join the party!" ;) I'd love to have a class, maybe once a week, where we all get together to teach the class. I saw a video (on YouTube, 'course) that had three instructors, and it seems like that would be awesome because even if the class comes in with maybe a little less-than-pizazz, your co-teachers would bring it for you.

OK I have to go. I have so much to do...and then I get to go practice.
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