Friday, September 28, 2007

junk-food fast: day whatever

OK, so what's it been now? Eleven days? To tell the truth, I'm not missing the junk food too much. But what is killing me is just the feeling that I can't have it. Like, "Hm, I could go for a little something sweet. Maybe a Hersey Hug--Oh! Wait! Noooo."


But! The good news is I lost a few pounds, from bloatiness and whatever. I'm still super-sleepy, though, so I'm thinkin I have to pick up an iron supplement.

Iron supplement. Bah. Nothing makes me feel old like needing to take some kind of pill, I tell ya. At least my vitamin and my calcium come in yummy chewy chocolate and caramel varieties.

Not that I ever remember to take them.

So freakin tired.

I had my fourth Zumba class last night. I'm just lovin it SO stinkin much. I had a great, energetic class last night, which was good because I'd had a bad day and I told the class they'd better be ready to move because I was gonna just pump up tha jamz, yo. :)

So I brought it and they took it. Felt good. Felt goooooood.

Then when it was time for everyone to leave I cranked the music back up (I turn it down for cooldown) and was bopping around the room, still full of energy. I have this really great Shakira mix that's, like, 8 minutes long that I'm trying to get a routine for. It's a really energetic, spastic, all-over-the-place, non-stop mix, though, so I'm not sure what to do besides just jump around a lot. Which is fine by me, y'know, but might not inspire much confidence in my students. :)

I stopped by the office for a new gym that's opening up in the area. I asked if they were hiring instructors (holla!!) but they said they didn't actually have any group-ex staff.

So I said, "Huh? Really?! So um, what do you have?"

They showed me the floor layout. Roughly 1000 square feet of nothing but cardio and nautilus and free weights. No studio space for group exercise classes. Which, correcct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that kind of alienate a whole group of mainly women clients who generally like to exercise in a group?! Who rely on the group for accountability to get out of bed in the morning? Oh well, guess they're not catering to that kind of clientele.

Next up is World Gym. I got a number for them from the woman who offered me (and a thousand other women, apparently) her Zumba class. I would love to find something early-early Saturday morning, before work, with still enough time in between for the occasional Dunkin Donuts meetup with my sis and bro.


Whoops, sorry. Fell asleep there for a second. The only reason I'm still here and not in bed is I just ate dinner and thought I'd, y'know, digest for a minute before hitting the sack.

...digest digest digest...

Mm...OK well my brain is done for the night.
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