Friday, September 28, 2007

junk-food fast: day whatever

OK, so what's it been now? Eleven days? To tell the truth, I'm not missing the junk food too much. But what is killing me is just the feeling that I can't have it. Like, "Hm, I could go for a little something sweet. Maybe a Hersey Hug--Oh! Wait! Noooo."


But! The good news is I lost a few pounds, from bloatiness and whatever. I'm still super-sleepy, though, so I'm thinkin I have to pick up an iron supplement.

Iron supplement. Bah. Nothing makes me feel old like needing to take some kind of pill, I tell ya. At least my vitamin and my calcium come in yummy chewy chocolate and caramel varieties.

Not that I ever remember to take them.

So freakin tired.

I had my fourth Zumba class last night. I'm just lovin it SO stinkin much. I had a great, energetic class last night, which was good because I'd had a bad day and I told the class they'd better be ready to move because I was gonna just pump up tha jamz, yo. :)

So I brought it and they took it. Felt good. Felt goooooood.

Then when it was time for everyone to leave I cranked the music back up (I turn it down for cooldown) and was bopping around the room, still full of energy. I have this really great Shakira mix that's, like, 8 minutes long that I'm trying to get a routine for. It's a really energetic, spastic, all-over-the-place, non-stop mix, though, so I'm not sure what to do besides just jump around a lot. Which is fine by me, y'know, but might not inspire much confidence in my students. :)

I stopped by the office for a new gym that's opening up in the area. I asked if they were hiring instructors (holla!!) but they said they didn't actually have any group-ex staff.

So I said, "Huh? Really?! So um, what do you have?"

They showed me the floor layout. Roughly 1000 square feet of nothing but cardio and nautilus and free weights. No studio space for group exercise classes. Which, correcct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that kind of alienate a whole group of mainly women clients who generally like to exercise in a group?! Who rely on the group for accountability to get out of bed in the morning? Oh well, guess they're not catering to that kind of clientele.

Next up is World Gym. I got a number for them from the woman who offered me (and a thousand other women, apparently) her Zumba class. I would love to find something early-early Saturday morning, before work, with still enough time in between for the occasional Dunkin Donuts meetup with my sis and bro.


Whoops, sorry. Fell asleep there for a second. The only reason I'm still here and not in bed is I just ate dinner and thought I'd, y'know, digest for a minute before hitting the sack.

...digest digest digest...

Mm...OK well my brain is done for the night.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

shut down orkut

Hey y'all:

There is this website called Orkut. I won't go into what it is but read up on what's going on with it here: click here and click here

And then click here to sign an online petition to get rid of it: petition

It's about protecting our children, so please check it out.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

that? that's just the sound of my legs crying

I had a great, very active weekend. I went to a retreat up in NH. They fed us well--lots of salad and grains and fruit and stuff, I had NO problem sticking with my junk food fast--and I got lots of exercise. Not only is the campground extremely hilly (UP down UP down UP down--my thighs are killing me) but there was a rock wall (I rocked it, haha) archery and rifle ranges, volleyball until 1 am, and oh yeah, Zumba!!

OK, I know I'm supposed to leave work home on things like this, but c'mon, we're talking Zumba here!

I wore my instructor jacket all weekend and finally my bunkmates asked what it was so I told them. They asked if I would show them so I got out the CD player and music that I just happened to have in my car and we had an impromptu mini Zumba class in our cabin. They loved it! So that night, after evening festivities were over, we played volleyball and then Zumba'd some more! They liked it so much that I think we might even have a new instructor or two on our hands!

Then yesterday, on roughly 5 total hours of sleep for the weekend, I took Tina's Zumba class and then tried taking a new Gliding class after that. Yeah, the gliding class lasted like 10 minutes before I had to leave. You're standing on these little circles that let you slide around on the hardwood floor, and then you're doing lunges (upon lunges upon lunges) to the front to the side to the back, all while using hand weights.

SO. Sore.

Speaking of Zumba, I got an offer to take over a class from a woman who was teaching but is now going back to work full time. I emailed her back saying (Yes! Yes!!) I would take it but unfortunately she had offered it to several other women too and someone else responded before I could. Dang. It would have been at a rec center in a nearby town, and it would have roughly three times what I get for my class at the Y. But I guess the full time job that she is taking is as fitness coordinator at one of the other nearby Ys so if she needs an instructor there, she'll call. Sigh...I really wanted it. But maybe this is just the inspiration I needed to get myself out there and market myself.

Time to go--I've got to get the girls off the bus.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

junk-food fast: day two

Still tired and cranky. It's weird--the times when I might otherwise reach for some kind of junk food are now spent walking into the kitchen, pausing, saying, "Oh yeah..." and then going back to whatever I was doing. Makes me realize just how often I was shoving some kind of crap into my mouth.

I have Zumba class tomorrow night (yay!) so I really need to go to bed and then spend tomorrow drinking glass after glass of water so I can not die the next day. Seriously, the morning after a Zumba class can feel just like a hangover! Sore, headachey, nauseous... but I don't want to go to bed yet because I want to go over my music and adjust my playlist.

I guess it will have to wait though...I'm starting to see two of everything. A sure sign (yawn!!) that it's time fo---zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

junk-food fast: day one

Wow, today totally sucked!!

OK, well, it wasn't really that bad. I had no energy, took a nap--almost missing getting the girls off the bus in the process--and got absolutely none of my overwhelming to-do list done, but I had a nice enough day. Went to bible study this morning. Ate fruit and pita and hummus because the bible study ladies are doing a "Daniel" fast as it happens. Dropped Devy at the bus. Took Bek Halloween costume shopping. Napped. Had to drink a Diet Rockstar if I wanted any chance of making dinner and getting through work. Did both, barely and with the help of my handy dandy mp3 player.

Really wanted junk food though.

Monday, September 17, 2007

You know how, whatever your profession, if you care about what you do, there is someone who does what you do, better than you do it, because they're more experienced/more talented/whatever, and that person is an inspiration for you in how you do your thing?

This is Tanya B. She is my very favoritest zumbadora:

I don't know what it is that makes her that ideal mentor-type--something about her style, and every time I watch her I am struck by how body-aware she is. The thought that always comes to mind is, "...she always knows where her hands are,"--y'know, in relation to her body. She's not just flailing around, I guess. Plus, she can mueve la colita like nobody's business! ;)

Anyway, she is coming to NY state. Not super-duper close to me, but close enough considering I thought I'd have to go to Florida to take a class with her. But yeah, she's coming to NY this fall to lead a certification and I have to be there! I would so love to be able to learn from her. I've been trying to take different classes in my area from different instructors to get a feel for how different people teach, but if I could take Tanya's certification class? That would rock. It would be like a real estate guy taking a class from The Donald.

Or something. ;)

So...I'm saving up my money. Gonna buy me some nice new Zumba shoes and some UFO pants...cuz thats what Tanya wears! ;) Then I'm gonna try to registere before it sells out, and then I'm gonna figure out how to get off a weekend day from work.

Or call in sick, if it comes to that. Hey, we're talking Zumba vs. my j-o-b. I have priorities. ;)

In other news...

I am putting myself on a junk-food fast.

No, that's not a diet of all junk food. That would be a fun junk-food fast. We're talking the opposite here, sadly. No junk food. For 40 days. I've got to wean myself off the stuff.

I don't know what it is, man! Since I started getting serious about Zumba, taking four or five classes a week, I didn't really have such an appetite for the junky stuff. Here and there I'd have a treat, but it was just that--a treat. An extra.

Lately? It seems to be my main food group! It started out with a piece of chocolate here and there, then more , then more, and now I'm eating crap almost constantly. Truffles, candy bars, fast food, milk shakes, ice cream...

So while I don't plan on giving up junk food totally for very long--I'm not really an advocate of denial as diet plan--I do think that a short fast is in order. I just have to get this crap out of my system so I stop feeling like it's a necessary every-day thing. I've been so sluggish and tired lately. Gee, y'think?! ;)

Tomorrow is day one.

Tonight this pint of Vermonty Python and I are saying a long, sweet goodbye.

Friday, September 07, 2007

thursday night zumba

So my first class of my very own was last night.

It. Was. Awesome!!

Everyone seemed to have a great time, there were a lot of familiar faces from other classes, and therre was a lot of energy going on.

There was a really great song that I'd been practicing nonstop for three days in an effort to bring something special to my class and I totally rocked it! That made my night; after that there was no stopping me. :) And my instructor friend Tina stayed even after having just taught cycling for an hour. Girl's gonna waste away to nothing one day, I tell ya. :)

People kept stopping by the class to peek in on their way to the Nautilus room, and one woman came in after stopping to peek. Zumba, man, I tell ya. It sells itself!

I felt really good; I bought an outfit I looked good in, the lighting in the room and the sound system in the room I'm in now are superior to the other (bigger, darn) room, and there were like 10 or 15 people there.

SO much fun.

I really need to gett insurance though. So I can go teach outside the Y for anyone who wants to come in. I need to share this with everyone! ;)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

people like me shouldn't blog

Why do some people just have to try to bring other people down? Are they SO miserable?

That's it. I'm way too sensitive for this internet crap.

I was on YouTube browsing through videos looking for choreography videos for Zumba class. There was this one chick who make a whole series of videos on how much Zumba sucks/is stupid/should tell people they look bad in tank tops before letting them up on stage. She was so mean! I couldn't help wondering what she was doing there if all she was going to do was make fun of people.

Oh. You mean, like, maybe that is why she was there? Do people really suck that hard? Part of me really, really, wanted to comment and point out that she's no prize-winner herself. The better part of me argued that that would just make me like her. So I totally started a flame-war on her butt.

OK, kidding. I kept my mouth shut.

And then I commented on this other video to tell the girl how great a dancer she was and I would love to try some of her moves in my class. Someone replied and said "whatever, Zumba sucks anyway, it's not real choreography" except they said it in the too-cool-to-spell-correctly way that all the hip kids do (gag).

Like I freakin asked you?


I would never dream of trying to cut down someone I don't even know. It's bad enough being mean to people in person who you might legitimately have some kind of beef with. But anonymously online? Pretty tough when you're just some empty faceless voice, right?!

Life is hard. Instead of making it harder for each other, how 'bout we go through life buoying each other up?

Just a thought. Oh, and have I told you I like your hair like that? You look nice. ;) hehe

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

my class starts in two days!!!

OK so I subbed for another instructor's class last Thursday and today (today's went sooo much better, by the way...I didn't say "oops" once!), but these have been practice. My very own class is on Thursday night.

That's two days away!!

I've spend every possible free moment on my first class, making up a playlist, learning new songs and choreography (like the song I just took a break to practice because it just came up in the playlist I'm listening to as I type--I just did the whole thing all the way through without looking for the first time and only messed up once!!), and practicing practicing practicing.

I have become a car dancer. Hey, I've gotta squeeze it in where I can!

I want to prepare a class that's my own, rather than a carbon copy of anyone else's Zumba class, which is a bit of a danger for me, having attended the same classes for the last year. I want my class to be as nonstop as possible, rather than have lots of breaks in between to explain choreography to the class. I know that's what people are used to in aerobics class but Zumba is so different. You gotta feel the music. Zumba baby. And I want lots of reggaeton and neo-classic stuff mixed in with the classic, cultural stuff.

I'm also going to start dragging my rear end out of bed extra early on Saturdays to take classes at some of the other Ys in the area--they've got some great instructors I want to learn from.

My hubby laughed when he came in to say goodnight and I was on YouTube, searching for more and more videos of new songs and choreography.

"Don't you ever quit?" he says.

"I'm a professional!" I say. "I must be forever learning!" :)

I hope I get a good young crowd Thursday night. I want my class to be a party. Like we say in Zumba: "Ditch the workout. Join the party!" ;) I'd love to have a class, maybe once a week, where we all get together to teach the class. I saw a video (on YouTube, 'course) that had three instructors, and it seems like that would be awesome because even if the class comes in with maybe a little less-than-pizazz, your co-teachers would bring it for you.

OK I have to go. I have so much to do...and then I get to go practice.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

workout clothes

Let's talk workout clothes. Specifically, what you wear to work out when you're not a size 4. Even more specifically, what you wear to work out when you're an instructor and you're not (yet? hehe) a size 4.

When I first started Zumbando a year ago I wore big baggy pants and big baggy t-shirts. Then I realized I felt a little better about myself if I wore closer-fitting clothes, so as I got a little smaller I started wearing loose-fitting workout pants and a close-fitting tank top. Usually all-black, to better conceal the rolls. :) I wasn't crazy about people being able to see my arms, but it was the compromise I made--either swim (and sweat!) in a huge tee or be cool(er) in a tank.

Then as I got a little smaller I went for even closer-fitting clothes and was feeling pretty good about myself. I mean, I sure don't go out in public in my workout clothes but they were cute enough for the gym. And I ventured out of the world of all-black and into color. I think that stemmed from my increasing body confidence and my excitement at getting certified, getting a job, all that.

Then...teaching all took a biiiiiiig dive! Ugh, I wore what I usually wear but I was in front of everyone, and right in front of the mirror, and yuck, my self-confidence went south with a quickness. I think it's back to the all-black for a while.

Is there anything out there that is a little more flattering for us instructors who need our students to be able to tell how we're moving--not so easy if we're swimming in huge clothes--but not be turned off by the sight of us shakin' it in skimpy clothes? Bleh.

I just need a pair or two (or three) of these:

Mmmm...UFOs. These, and some Zumba tees, and some dance sneakers, pretty much make up my entire Christmas wish list this year.
I wonder if they come in an XL. ;)