Thursday, August 30, 2007


So I just got home from teaching my very first class all by myself.

Lemme tell ya. Teaching? Is a lot different from just going.

I am going to be so sore tomorrow.

Scratch that. I'm sore now.

There were only three people in the class, which is pretty much the norm for summer afternoons at the Y. I was hoping for five or six, but whatever. We did ten or eleven songs. Halfway through the hour-long class I was already clock-watching, which never happens when I'm in someone else's class. With other instructors, it's always like, "Oh no! It's over already!" But it's way different when I know exactly what the moves are going to be so I can give them everything I've got. And when I'm worrying about what songs to play and trying to get the CD player to work (you can't press the buttons too nicely or too have to massage them or it won't play) and flipping through CDs to get to the songs I want because when I tried to make a mix CD last night it wouldn't work and let's not forget looking at songs I meant to do but realizing I was huffing it already and if I tried to do that song I'd probably die so coming up with another one when all I have is three CDs to choose from.

Oh, and I kept saying "Whoops" every time I messed up. Which I did, frequently. Especially on the new songs. And every time I put a new song on, I said, "This is such a fun song!" like a lame-o. :)

In the end I had a lot of fun, and I'm a little worried about my likeablility with people who haven't been taking the other instructors' classes with me since last September--the new girl who came today didn't seem to like me much but knowing me I'm just overreacting--but I got a great workout, anyway, and isn't that why I did this in the first place? So I'd get a workout, and get paid to do it?! :) OK OK, I think the other girls got a workout too.

I need a massage. That should come as part of the employment package. Maybe it does, once you start working more than one hour a week. ;)
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