Wednesday, August 29, 2007

on the schedule

I just got a copy of the new fall schedule at the Y and there's my name! In print! WooHoo!

I can't believe it. Not that long ago I was telling myself that I would never teach Zumba, or any other fitness class. That was for fitness nuts. And I wasn't one of them.

Then I took Zumba, and loved it, but I told myself I could never teach it unless I lost fifty pounds. "No one will take a class with a fat instructor," I told myself.

Then I got certified, but I told myself no one would want to hire me because I'm forty pounds overweight and I have no background in this sort of thing.

Then I got hired and here I am, anxiously awaiting my first class! Can't freakin believe it! ;)

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been so nice and encouraging, like the girls in class who told me I was good, and asked if I was a dancer or an instructor before the thought of teaching ever crossed my mind, and the other instructors who have been so helpful and nice and complimentary and who've given me so much to work with from their great and diverse classes. Maybe I'll write thank-you cards and hand them out in class. :)

I'm so excited.

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