Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just got back from zumba class and my instructor friend Tina let me lead one of the brand-new songs with her. It was SO fun--I love the new stuff. It's rockin. Complicated, but awesome. Tina and I practiced on Saturday and I've been playing the CD nonstop, causing my kids to say things like, "Mom! Is this Zumba again?!!"

I was so excited cuz Tina told the class I'd be teaching on Thursdays and after class several women asked what time my class would be. So it's good to know that there are some people who won't mind taking my class. ;)

So mostly I'm feeling pretty good about my upcoming teaching job. I'm even calling some local gyms to see if I can pick up some more classes (but not too many because I don't want to kill myself). I did have one moment tonight where I thought it's a good thing God gave me red hair because then when people talk about my Y's Zumba instructor, maybe people will refer to me as "the redheaded one" instead of "the short fat one", but other than that I'm feeling pretty confident. ;)

I was on the Nike website drooling all over the fitness dance line. Yum. I want all the pants and all the cute tops and some new quality zumba shoes and...drool. ;) I'm hoping by Christmas all my current workout clothes will be too big--I'm already working on it; my pants were falling down all night tonight, I kept trying to yank them up while keeping my feet moving--so I can justify my huge Nike-and-UFO wish list. ;)

Oh bleh it's late and I have stuff to do. And lately around here, if it's not Zumba, it's not getting done.
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