Thursday, July 19, 2007

zumba and my booty

My Zumba certification class is in 10 days, and I still haven't registered.

So for the love of all things Zumba and for the reduction of my rear end, go to ebay and bid on all my stuff. You want my stuff, don't you?!! You give me money, I give you my stuff, and I get to register for the certification class I've told everyone I'm taking!! before it sells out.

Last night it was hot as hell out and the studio at the Y has been mad hot so I wore some shorty mcshort shorts to Zumba. Boy was that fun! I was in the front of the class and staring at my pasty thighs the whole time, plus I got to try picking the shorts out of my behind without anyone noticing! Fun!! :)

(Oh, you're sorry you started reading this, aren't you. Sorry. Anything I write after 1am needs to be approached with caution.)

Apparently all my hard work is paying off because an old high school classmate came into the store I work at today and told me he liked my booty. He was quick to assure me he didn't mean anything, me being married and all, y'know. Phew, cuz otherwise we'd'a just got it on right then and there. Mm-hm. But my point is that if that had been not-too-long-ago, he'd'a just been in wonderment at how fat my butt got. :) So, a somewhat backhanded compliment ("Mm, y'got a booty there, now..."), but hey, a compliment nonetheless. ;)

Blogger needs some kind of eye-rolling emoticon. That would come in mighty handy right about now. :)
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