Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i did it!

I got certified to teach Zumba on Saturday! Uh huh, oh yeah, that's right, I'm hot, you're hot, she's hot...

But oh, what a day. The woman teaching it--her name was Ann--was totally somethin else. She could MOVE and what made it great (for me, at least) is that she's not this tiny little thing either but she's so comfortable in her body that she made everyone want to move! She rocked the place. Cuz, remember, I was so nervous about being the biggest person there, no one wanting a "fat Zumba instructor", blah blah blah? Well, I'm not nervous about that anymore.

The class totally pushed me to the edge. It was great to work with an instructor who has been doing it for so long and who has made her class really hers. She also teaches cardio strip so we did down. :) By the end of the class I felt like I was at the very end of my endurance, and I don't ever push myself that much. If my legs and arms and abs and lungs didn't tell me how hard I'd worked, my apetite sure did. If I could have deep-throated my sandwhich just to get it to my stomach faster? I would have.

And oh after the nine-hour thing there, I had to go to work because it was inventory night so I was there until MIDNIGHT but on the good side my managers realized that I can 10-key so for half the night that's what I did. Sat on my butt in the office and keyed inventory totals into the computer. Aaaah it felt SO good to sit. ;)

But the next day? I cried I was so sore! And I had to go to church and work as if I didn't want to just lay in a bucket of ice all day.

Oh and today I went to what was supposed to be Jill's class but Jill's car wouldn't start so Jill's BOSS taught the class and she was saying how she didn't want to be so sweaty because she had to give an interview afterwards and I piped up and said I'd teach it since I just got certified. She said "Oh yeah?" and while she taught most of the class she let me lead one song! The whole class I felt like she was watching me, like I was auditioning for a job or something. So I was really thankful I showed up on time for once. :)

And after the class she said she wanted me to fill out an application at our Y and another nearby Y and she wants me to take a couple of certification classes that are coming up for Group Exercise and Cardio Dance. And oh yeah she said I did a good job and gave me high fives. :)

If it sounds like I'm a little excited and all over the place? It's cuz I am. Excited...and sore.
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