Friday, August 17, 2007

the hump factor

The humps. You know I hate 'em.

Most women, and certainly any mom trying to lose weight, knows what I'm talking about. The big hip-humps that make wearing low-rise jeans a thing of the past. They also make it extremely difficult to track a girl's weight loss progress by measuring tape.

So, I've been trying to track my weight loss. The scale doesn't help because I'm losing fat and gaining muscle and the numbers on the scale stay in just about the same spot. Very discouraging so now I just stay off the scale altogether. I'm keeping an eye out for a decent price on a good fat analysis scale though--that would be nice.

And measuring doesn't seem to work either because apparently I suck at trying to measure in the same spot each time. Like I need tattoos around the various parts of my body so I look like the body-measurement diagram in clothing catalogs. Y'know, the things that help you determine your size but don't really help because you order what should be your size and you get it and it still doesn't fit?

I think part of the measuring issue is that my hips have gone from big and humpy to more rounded like they should be. Like this:

With, of course, the fat humpy "before" hips on the left and the cute "after" hips on the right. So if I measure at the same spot, there isn't much difference (so far) in the circumferance but there isn't as, height, I guess. :)

I'm experiencing bagginess in the waistband of all my pants, though (*angels singing Hallelujahs*) so hopefully pretty soon the circumference of everything will start going down too. Because seriously, somethin's gotta give. Right?!
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