Monday, July 02, 2007

How to lose inches off your hips, thighs and waist while on vacation:

  1. Get a room with no fridge. That way, you can't keep any food in your room. So when you want to eat, you have to go out to eat. Since you can't afford to be constantly eating out, you end up eating only when you are absolutely starving.
  2. Visit all the theme parks. Stay all day. Walk all over. Be sure to get there at the busiest time so you have to park really far away and things like parking-to-gate shuttles are all full and you have to walk 5 miles from your car to the gate.
  3. Try new stuff, like climbing at the local rock gym.
  4. Walk through all the funky and/or interesting and/or historical neighborhoods you can find.
  5. Go shopping. Walking around a mall is still walking!
  6. Two things not worth trying: the hotel fitness center and the hotel stairs. The fitness center is hot, smells like sweat, and only has one treadmill that's always busy. The stairs are hot, smell like sweat, and if you come out on the wrong floor you end up out a fire exit and outside. Locked out. Not sayin I did that. Just sayin, there are better ways.

So yeah, I was on vacation in Orlando, Florida all this past week and I lost mad inches. Not sure about the weight--I'll let y'know--but my freakin clothes were all falling off. Good when you're home and can find something else. Bad when you seem to be inching into a size 12 and all you've packed are your comfy old size-16s. But then, good if you don't mind going shopping for some new clothes. But then, bad when you go to pack everything up for the return trip. ;) The thought occured to just leave behind all my big stuff, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. :)

Hey. Speaking of size 12. Can you do me a favor? Go into your favorite Old Navy store. Don't tell me you don't shop there, I do. So just go for a second. You don't have to buy anything. Just try on their new jeans in your normal size. Do they fit? Or are they big? Because I was just in there trying on clothes and I know I'm not a size 12 and yet that's what I almost walked out of there with. The only thing stopping me was the feeling that it was way too good to be true and if I bought those jeans, I'd get them home and they would somehow stop fittitng. Probably right after I took the tags off and tossed the receipt. :)

So yeah. That feels pretty good! Now all I have to do is not think back to the days when a size 12 was beyond any size I ever expected to be in. ;)

Whacha doin for the fourth?

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