Friday, July 06, 2007

back to reality

Hey, did I mention I came back from Florida thinner than when I left?

Yeah, that was pretty cool.

For the last few days since we came home I've been trying to replicate whatever it was that I did while we were away. Eat breakfast? Check. Lots of sex (because sex=exercise, people!!)? Check.

Eat only when very hungry? Stop when just satisfied? Drink lots of water?


OK so I still have some stuff to figure out. And how did the whole drinking large quantities of margaritas fit into it all? Oh, right. That might have been cancelled out by the 3 to 8 hours of walking I did just about every day. You didn't know theme parks were good for the hips, did you?! Well, as long as you stay away from those dang junk food vendors. But the walking--the walking is good.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting in the same amount of exercise as I did on vacation (see abovementioned 3 to 8 hours of walking per day). Because I can only take so many minutes on the treadmill or the arc trainer before I'm crying tears of boredom. And oh! I missed Zumba yesterday because they changed the time on me!!! And we won't even talk about the fact that my regular Zumba instructor is on vacation this week and some psycho ex-cheerleader is covering for her. You have never experienced energy levels like this chick's--it is seriously scary. ;)

Well, since getting plenty of sleep is one more part of what I am officially calling the Vacation Diet (check local bookstores for my new diet book--booksigning tour to follow), I'm off to bed. I'm meeting the sister and brother for coffee in the morning. Early in the morning.
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