Wednesday, June 27, 2007

next time i'm staying in a hotel with donut delivery

I am going to the gym.

I am going to the gym.

It's right downstairs. I'm already in gym clothes. My hair is up. I just need socks and sneakers. It's right downstairs.

I need to go. I want to see 160s when I get home. I have 5 more hours til I have to pick up hubby from the thingie. Plenty of time to work out, shower, maybe even swim. And take a nap, if I really wanted.

But I really don't deserve a nap right now--I haven't done anything!

And dinner! How am I going to enjoy tonight's big, fancy, birthday dinner if I'm not hungry because all I did all day was sit around drinking coffee, blogging, and napping?!!

But oh, that bed. With its mattress pad, and the down duvet. And the big fluffy inviting...

No! Remember the dinner! Remember that huge piece of cheesecake from last night! Remember the cheese, and the antipasto, and the beef, and the sushi, and the bread dipped in oil! Remember?!?!

OK. I'm going. Right now. I'm lacing up my shoes and going. Here I go!! Here I go.

Here I go...

OK I'm gone.
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