Friday, June 08, 2007

Hey guess what!* There's a Zumba certification workshop near me in July!! And I'm going to be there!

Well, I haven't actually registered yet. I have to save up some money, sell some stuff on ebay, including my Zumba dvds, since I'll get those at the workshop anyway. And hopefully they won't be sold out by that time.

But I fully intend to register. And when I do I'll be so stinkin excited I'll just scream!! :) Such a dork, I know.

So um...I'm not too thrilled about being the fattest girl going though. Gotta do something about that. And I need to practice. Everyday!! And quit buying junk food. Because I don't think the two pints of Ben & Jerry's, the package of Chips Ahoy, and the bag of peanut butter Hershey's Kisses are really helping the cause, y'know?

So anyway...I'm stuck at 170. (Speaking of junk food...) Every time I get to this point--and I've been here several times, approximately once after each kid--I have a hard time getting over the 170 bump and into the 160s. I know it must be a mental thing--it's not like my 5-foot-2 frame likes being 170, fer cryin out loud--but it happens every stinkin time! I go down, down, out of 180s (which I'm never in for too long, thank God) through the 170s, and then Bam! I'm up against a wall.

A wall made of ice cream Starbucks Venti Soy Vanilla Sugar Free Lattes and bagels with cream cheese and pizza and brownies and birthday cake and peanut butter Hershey's Kisses.

But I am thankful for the progress I've made so far, and I don't mean just about the weight alone. I can make it through a whole hour-long Zumba class without stopping. I can fit into things I haven't fit into since before I got pregnant with Bek. I feel good, and strong. My "binge days" are what I might have once considered a normal eating day, fer cryin. I have my self-confidence back, and people notice. I don't feel invisible anymore, which was just the worst feeling.

So I'm keeping all that in mind and trying to imagine it all multiplying as I push ahead past the bump and into 160-ville. Y'all come with, k? ;)

*Promise I'll stop starting posts with Guess What!! and come up with something a little more creative. :) Hey...I should post pictures of me soon. 15 lbs. gone has got to show up, right?! ;)
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